History 101 Midterm Study Guide

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Christianity, Martin Luther Pages: 4 (950 words) Published: December 10, 2012
I.Religion and Politics Sixteenth and seventeenth centuries 1.Explain age Discovery and expansion
i.God, gold and glory.
ii.Merchants, adventures, and government officials had high hopes of finding metals and new areas of trade ( access to the spices )

i.European increased their resources and turned their energies beyond their boarders ii. Europe achieved a level of wealth and technology.
iii.Maps and the axial rudder allowed more voyages for Europe

iii.Impact of expansion
i.new cultures as Europeans settled and mixed with native peoples. ii.Gave Europeans a feeling of superiority over other races. iii.The trade introduced new products to Europe and European products to peoples around the world.

iv.How did politics and religion affect war?
i.The Concordat of Bologna established a papal monarchy, establishing Catholicism as the state religion. This led to numerous conflicts between the Catholic population and the Huguenot population of Protestant Calvinists. ii.This was exacerbated by the fact that the Huguenots lived predominantly in the major cities.

v.Trade, banking, industry, and agriculture
a.Britain’s world trade created a reserve of capital, centered on banks, for investment in industrial programs. ii.Industry
a.profits were made in ship building and in mining and metallurgy b.Britain’s global empire provided ready markets for these products. iii.Agriculture
i.Despite the growth of commercial capitalism, At least 80 percent of Europeans still worked on the land. ii.Britain’s agricultural revolution - more food - led to an increase in population.

2.Discuss the Thirty Years’ War
i.The struggle between Catholicism and Protestantism
i.Disagreed over the interpretation of the Peace of Augsburg. ii.The religious war coming from the Protestant and Catholic Reformations fear of Hapsburg Spain and Austria, controlled half of Western Europe. iii. Religious tensions led to conflicts...
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