High School Cliques Essay Example

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Ellen Cheremoshnyuk
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High School Cliques
High school is probably the most confusing place to be. It is all about finding where one belongs and how one fit’s in. There are many different types of “cliques” in high school that can be divided up. Cliques have been around as long as there have been high schools. Among the most common one would find in a high school are jocks, preps, and nerds.

Jocks are the athletic, popular students of a high school. They usually play more than one sport and excel in them. Fortunately they are usually classified as the “cool kids” and are known by everyone in school. Sometimes jocks are looked upon as heroes to some and enemies to others. It just depends on what category one happens to be in while in high school. One person who fits into that category is my friend Devyn Collins. She has been playing sports since she was a little girl. Going to a school that offers different variety of sports made her skills sky rocket. Basketball, softball and volleyball are just a few of the sports she plays. Even though she was a jock in my school, she never acted snobby or thought she was the best.

In most cases, preps are the students of the school who only wear high dollar clothing, fix their hair just perfect every day and prance around thinking they are better than the rest of the student body. They will not associate with anybody outside of their clique, and hardly ever allow anyone into theirs. Preps are usually very popular in their schools and have many friends. Chelsea Lehnhart fits into that category perfectly. She has had the same group of friends since she was a little girl. The only people she associated with are the jocks. She never bothered to step out of her comfort zone to get to know all the other cliques.

Nerds are generally very smart but not very popular among the student body. Nerds can be found getting picked on most of the time. They try to avoid jocks at all...
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