Henry VIII's foreign policy

Topics: Henry VIII of England, Treason, Protestant Reformation Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: April 16, 2014
Do you agree with the view that it was virtually impossible for effective opposition to form against Henry VIII’s Reformation? Explain your answer, using sources 1, 2 and 3 and your own knowledge. (40 marks)

There are many different reasons why it was virtually impossible for opposition to form against Henry VIII’s during the reformation and no explanation can ignore the sheer diversity of the people. Source 3 on face value explains that it was the “many different reasons” that people opposed the Reformation for, which means that they could not collaborate together fully for a completely shared common cause therefore rendering them weak against the Crown. Whilst their “grievances would be gently heard and their reasonable requests granted” source 2 insinuates that there were a number of unreasonable requests made. With the plentiful requests made towards the King not all requests could be granted, therefore indirectly separating the opposition as only a few would have gained what they set out to achieve.

What source 3 takes into account, as well as source 2, is distance. The Pilgrimage of Grace in 1536 was a coming together of the “Northern men (who) refused to end their wicked rebellion” (source 2), however with the many different reasons for the opposition of the Reformation, there was no “obvious moment when opposition could coalesce” as those who wanted to achieve the same outcome were often separated by long distances. The weakness of distance meant that dates and meetings could not be planned effectively; therefore making the opposition against Henry extremely weak in terms of organisation. On the other hand, the fact that the Pilgrimage of Grace took place means that Henry did not have full control as it was organized without his knowledge and so effectively took place under his nose, therefore disagreeing with the statement that is was virtually impossible for effective opposition to form.

Not only were there factors explaining the ability to...
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