Henri Fayol''s 14 Principles of Management

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Henri Fayol was a French mining engineer and director of mines who developed a general theory of business administration and one of the most influential contributors to modern concepts of management. When 19 years old he started as an engineer at a mining company "Compagnie de CommentryFourchambeau-Decazeville" in Commentry. By 1900 the company was one of the largest producers of iron and steel in France and was regarded as a vital industry.[1] Fayol became managing director in 1888, when the mine company employed over 1,000 people, and held that position over 30 years until 1918. In 1916 he published his experience in the book "Administration Industrielle et Générale", at about the same time as Frederick Winslow Taylor published his Principles of Scientific Management Theory Fayolism Fayol's work was one of the first comprehensive statements of a general theory of management.[2] He proposed that there were five primary functions of management and 14 principles of management[3] Functions of management to forecast and plan to organize to command to coordinate to control (French: contrôler: in the sense that a manager must receive feedback about a process in order to make necessary adjustments). Principles of Management Division of work. This principle is the same as Adam Smith's 'division of labour'. Specialisation increases output by making employees more efficient. Authority. Managers must be able to give orders. Authority gives them this right. Note that responsibility arises wherever authority is exercised. Discipline. Employees must obey and respect the rules that govern the organization. Good discipline is the result of effective leadership, a clear understanding between management and workers regarding the organization's rules, and the judicious use of penalties for infractions of the rules. Unity of command. Every employee should receive orders from only one superior. like from top to bottom in an organization. Unity of direction. Each group of

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