Topics: Mother, Family, Amy Tan Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: January 17, 2013
Jake adams
Novel 6/7
Misunderstanding Relationship

In the novel The Kitchen God's Wife and the movie The Joy Luck Club by AmyTan, mother always want what is best for their daughters. However, the daughter always want to prove to their mothers that they are worthy of themselves in society. The relationship between mother and daughter may not be as simple as it seems; it may be complex, loving and diverse due the differences between the misunderstanding of cultural beliefs. The Kitchen God's Wife, tells a story about Winnie and her daughter, Pearl always have conflicts, not knowing each other well due to the secrets they keep away from one another. Winnie cries for her husband, Jimmy Louie. Meanwhile, Pearl stands there, staring speechlessly; no tears running from her eyes. Winnie slaps Pearl's face vigorously over and over because she was surprised that she did not cry for her own father. Decades later, after communicating with each other, the secrets they kept are revealed. Winnie had slapped Pearl for not shedding a single tear because she believed Pearl did not think Jimmy Louie was her father; for Winnie knew Wen Fu was her biological father. However, Pearl did not cry because she couldn't believe the man lying in the coffin was her father. The man that was once so joyful, always caring for her and telling her bed time stories no longer belong to this world. In “The Joy Luck Club”, Waverly is a junior chess champion. Waverly is able to predict her opponents' moves before they made them. She was great and her mother, Lindo would praise her. When Waverly become chess championship, Lindo would show off her daughter's accomplishments to everyone. She would hold the newspaper that featured Waverly and showed anyone that walked by. Waverly was mad that her mother was using her to show off. As a child, Jing-Mei always wanted to prove her mother she was worth something by playing the piano. However, Jing-Mei was not as talented as Waverly and thought...
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