Topics: Health insurance, Preferred provider organization, Health economics Pages: 4 (1355 words) Published: July 28, 2013
Linford Grant
Professor Vernice Johnson-Warren
HSM 546
July 21, 2013

Problem Identification:
Cooper-Pearson is losing employees, to its competitor, Always on the Ball Sports Marketing Company because it cannot provide a sufficient affordable medical insurance for its employees. Cooper-Pearson must find a resolution to this problem if it intends to remain competitive in the sports marketing industry. In a highly competitive industry such as sports goods, owners are resourceful in maintain an edge in the market place by having the best people to make decisions that determine the success of their company. However, in this industry, it is not without problems of finding and keeping such talent, but more of a financial control issue and what are best suited for employees at these companies. Mr. Donovan, founder and CEO of Cooper-Pearson must find the balance between salary and benefits compensation. A benefits package makes the difference between hiring and keeping such talent. The problem with Cooper-Pearson is that in order to keep employees and reduce employee turnover, it has to come up with a benefits package that allows the company to retain the best and the brightest minds. I have been hired by this company to draft possible solutions to the healthcare benefit dilemma that will reduce the number of employees leaving for its competitor, Always on the Ball Sports Marketing Company. Now let us discuss the differences between HMOs and PPOs:

HMOs require enrollees to receive a substantial amount of health care from a network provider. As an enrollee in a HMO, you are required to select a physician who is responsible for managing and coordinating your healthcare. Now let us look at PPOs:

Preferred provider organizations are healthcare plans that have a contract between networks and doctors that the enrollees must choose. No referrals are necessary and patients are not required to select a primary care provider. Enrollees are only responsible for their...

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