Health and Saftey

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Essential Knowledge Assignment for Unit G1/2 (&V1/2)
Housekeeping & Safety
This assignment, once assessed, can be used to claim the essential knowledge for units G1/2 or V1/2. It should be given a PRN and logged into the portfolio of evidence just like any other item of evidence.

• Assignment background and Indicative Content-
Think about your own roles and responsibilities regarding the maintenance of tools, equipment and the workplace, state typical activities you perform. Include how certain regulations influence how you work and what activities you perform.

Think about certain hazards, the level of risk they pose to you and your colleagues and control measures put in place to reduce likelihood.

• What areas of housekeeping have implications regarding Health & Safety legislation and who is responsible? Cleaning solvents must be used according to Health and Safety and/or COSHH regulations. The person using the substance has a duty to the safety of themselves and anyone in close proximity, and must use it as per the manufacturer’s instructions, or request assistance from a senior staff member if not. The same applies for any machinery that must be used, or moved for the purposes of housekeeping, i.e. lifting equipment.

• Are there certain tools or equipment that you are not allowed to maintain for a variety of reasons? Heavy workshop equipment such as lifting equipment, and special machinery such as wheel balancing machines must be serviced regularly by a technician who is competent to do so, as such equipment may require special tools or techniques which the user is not familiar with and/or unqualified to use.

• Design a schedule for the maintenance of the work area and suggest cleaning materials that may be appropriate for the activity. |Area |Frequency |Materials |Notes | |Work Benches |Before/After use, Weekly |Dustpan & brush | | |Work area |Before/After use, Daily |Brush, Mop & water | | |Machinery |Before/After use, Weekly, Monthly,|Hydraulic fluid for maintenance if|May require professional | | |Yearly |applicable and user-serviceable, |technician for servicing. | | | |Brushes and cleaning chemicals for| | | | |cleaning. | | |Hand Tools |Before/After use |Wire Brush, Cleaning fluid |May need PPE for cleaning | | | | |substances. | |Waste Disposal |Before/After use, Weekly |Empty dustbins for non-hazardous |Requires disposal for hazardous | | | |materials. |substances. |

• Give an example of a tool or piece of equipment where there is a specific requirement for maintenance as dictated by the manufacturer. Some trolley jacks must have their wheel bearings and pump components lubricated, as stated in their manufacturer’s guide, to prevent dirt and rust building up and causing internal damage to the jack. This also applies to other lifting equipment such as lifts and ramps, which need special maintenance by the manufacturer due to the size and weight of their loads.

• Design a table which will allow you to record tools and equipment...
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