Head Wounds

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Perform First Aid for an Open Head Wound
Conditions: You see a casualty who has an open head wound. The casualty is breathing. You will need the casualty's emergency bandage or field dressing and a canteen of water.
Standards: Apply a dressing to the wound following the correct sequence, without causing further injury to the casualty. Properly position the casualty and secure the dressing without applying unnecessary pressure.

Performance Steps
1. Check the casualty's level of consciousness.
a. Question the casualty.
(1) "What is your name?"
(2) "Where are you?"
(3) "What is today's date (day, month, and year)?"
STP 21-1-SMCT 18 June 2009 081-831-1033 3-69
Performance Steps
b. Report incorrect answers, inability to answer, or changes in answers to medical personnel.
2. Position the casualty.
Do NOT move the casualty if the casualty exhibits signs and/or symptoms— other than minor bleeding—of a neck, spine, or severe head injury. a. The casualty is conscious or has a minor scalp wound.

(1) Have the casualty sit up unless other injuries prohibit sitting up. (2) Raise the head slightly if the casualty is lying down and is not accumulating fluids in his/her throat.
(3) Turn his/her head to the side or position the casualty on his/her side (opposite the wound) if the wound is bleeding into the mouth or throat. b. The casualty is unconscious or has a severe head injury.

(1) Treat the casualty as having a potential neck or spinal injury. Immobilize and do not move the casualty unless absolutely necessary. (2) Turn the casualty if he/she is choking and/or vomiting or bleeding into the mouth. Position the casualty on his/her side opposite the wound. WARNING

If it is necessary to turn a casualty with a suspected neck or spinal injury, you will need assistance. Keeping the head, neck, and body aligned while providing support for the head and neck, roll the casualty gently onto his/her side.

3. Expose the wound by removing the casualty's helmet, if...

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