Hazrat Ali

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Ali was the first cousin of the Holy Prophet and so belonged to the Banu Hashim. His father was Abu Talib bin Abdul Muttalib, who had brought up Mohammad in his childhood. Ali was about ten years old whepn the Prophet received the first revelation. Ali got the special opportunity of living in the company of the Prophet and so developed great love for him since his childhood. Ali was brave and literate and was a very intelligent youth of Makkah. He led a pious and noble life, hated idol worshipping, drinking, gambling and bloodshed. He was first among the children to embrace Islam. . One day he saw his cousin and his wife put their foreheads on the ground. Hazrat Ali looked at them amazingly. Never before had he seen anybody saying prayers in this style. When the prayer was over, Hazrat Ali asked his cousin about this strange act. He explained: "We were worshipping Allah, the One," the Holy Prophet said, "I advise you to do the same and never bend your head before Lat, Uzza or any other idol." Next morning Hazrat Ali accepted Islam. When the Holy Prophet asked the Hashimites to help him in his mission, Hazrat Ali was the only person to respond to his call. After that Ali started supporting the Holy Prophet bravely and the Prophet declared him as ‘’my brother and my lieutenant’’. The Prophet gave his youngest daughter Fatima in marriage to Ali and Hassan and Hussain were born from this marriage. Ali demonstrated utmost courage and boldness by sleeping in the bed of The Prophet on the night before migration to Medina. At that time he had entrusted to Ali the task of returning the belongings of the people that had been placed in the Prophet’s custody for safe keeping. In Medina, when the Prophet declared the emigrants and helpers as brothers, the Holy Prophet declared that Ali would be his brother. Hazrat Ali was a brave warrior and showed great courage in all battles. At the time of the Battle of Badr, he was chosen to carry the Muslim banner. During the Battle of Uhad, he was one of the few Muslims who defended the Holy Prophet. After the battle he, along with his wife Fatima washed the Prophet’s wounds. During the Battle of Trench, when some of the pagans were able to cross over the ditch, Ali killed them. He was one of the leaders in the siege of the Jewish tribe of Banu Quraizah. He showed great bravery in the battle of Khyber, using a door as a shield. At Hunain he defended the Holy Prophet and at the time of the conquest of Makkah, he again carried the Muslim banner. For his bravery, the Prophet gave him the title of Asad Allah/Lion of Allah. Hazrat Ali did not take part in the Tabuk Expedition as he remained in Medina as the Prophet’s deputy. On his complaint that he was not going with the army, the Prophet said to him: ‘’you are to me as Haroon was to Musa, except that there will be no prophet after me.’’ (Agreed Upon) He was among those who had taken the oath of Rizwan for the sake of Usman’s life and then he drafted the treaty of Hudaibiya and was one of the witnesses as well. He was one of the 10 blessed companions. He was one of the scribes of the Divine Revelation. He also wrote the letters sent out by the Prophet to different kings and emperors. He was present at the time of the death of the Holy Prophet. He washed his dead body and was one of those who lowered the Prophet into the grave. ELECTION:

* There was no Caliph of Islam for three days after Hazrat Usman's murder. Medina was completely in the grip of the rioters. * Most of the Companions had left Medina during the dark days of the holocaust (a war in which very many ordinary people are killed). The few who remained felt absolutely helpless. * After three days, when the rebels decided to return to their homes, they felt it was necessary that the new Caliph should be chosen before they left Medina. * In this connection there were differences among the rebels. * One group favoured the...
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