H&Sc Unit 11 Unit 11 Safeguarding Adults and Promoting Independence

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Task 1 (P1)
With examples, describe forms of abuse which may be experienced by adults. To achieve p1, produce a table that describes the different forms of abuse that adults may be subjected to.

Forms of Abuse Which May Be Experienced By Adults

Abuse is mistreating someone whether mentally, emotionally, sexually, financially or physically that is likely to cause death or harm to a person such as making them feel worthless, guilty, isolated or making significant loss to a victim’s property.

Forms Of Abuse
Meaning Of Abuse
Physical abuse
Physical abuse is a result of pain, injury or impairment in the body due to a purpose infliction of force to a person.
For example, by shaking, pinching, pushing, burning, force feeding or physical punishment will all be considered as physical abuse towards elderly.
Sexual abuse
Sexual abuse is unwelcomed interaction between adults. Except those who are involved in nursing care, it may sometimes be difficult to detect sexual abuse. (Kennard 2006)

Any unwelcomed physical, visual pr psychological is sexual abuse. Victims of sexual abuse may wrongly blame themselves example for having contributed to the abuser. The victims of sexual abuse are mostly women’s over 70 years in the nursing home. (Teaster , Roberto 2004)
Financial abuse
Financial abuse is to use an elderly persons property or funds without letting them know or without their permission by someone who cares for them or outside scam artist. (Robinson, Benedictis, Segal, 2012)
Financial abuse towards an adult can take place by taking their money, stealing belongings or even not letting the elder person take part in their own financial decisions.
Forms of neglect include active neglect which is purposely preventing elderly persons basic necessary needs such as giving them food, providing shelter and clothing.
(Victims of Violence 2011)
Neglect occurs when a carer dismisses the elderly person’s needs that can result in

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