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Here is some information regarding your research paper for GOVT 2305. As far as topics for your paper I leave it totally up to you. The only criteria is that it has to deal with an issue related to either the U.S. government. If you look in the front of your book in the Contents section (pages vii to xvii) you'll find lots of options and then you can look on the appropriate page(s) to see if that topic really sounds interesting to you. It has to be a topic where there is an argument for it and against it so it has to have some level of controversy around it. For example you can argue for or against the death penalty and in your papers you will need to present both sides to the argument, why both sides believe as they do, and then tell why you think one side of the debate represents a better choice. The paper needs to be between 3-5 pages in length and must be in APA format. Below are two links that illustrate through examples how to cite sources using APA. Also, your paper needs to be double-spaced including your cover sheet, which should be centered with the title of the paper first, then your name, the name of the class with the section number, my name (Professor McMahon), and finally the date. Again, it should at least be three pages meaning that you should write to at least halfway down the third page. You should have a References page at the end of your paper where you should have at least three different sources used in the paper. These need to be legitimate sources (New York Times, Washington Post, Economist, Time, etc.). Wikipedia is definitely not an accepted source. Again, your References page should be double-spaced. On the first page that you begin writing your paper (so not the cover page) you should begin numbering your pages in the top right hand corner (header) which means that at a minimum your References page should be number four. In front of your numbering at the top right hand corner you should put at least...

References: page should be number four. In front of your numbering at the top right hand corner you should put at least part of the title. If you have a short enough title you can put the whole title in there but if its too long, for instance, The Controversy Surrounding the Death Penalty in the United States, then just write The Controversy in front of the number of the page. Here are some areas you might consider for your topic:
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