Greek and Persian Cultures

Topics: Iran, Achaemenid Empire, Polytheism Pages: 3 (409 words) Published: October 19, 2014

All Persian men to the age of 50 years were obligated to serve in the armies of the Persian Empire Zoroastrianism, monotheism, good/evil, heaven/hell

turned boats into fighting platforms

Similarities for both (if this works for ya)
Agreed upon slavery & enforced it
advanced civilization & technology-
produced scholars that innovated much of our society’s sciences and philosophy works Persia- Rumi, Avicenna
Greece- Socrates, Plato, Aristotle
Battle of Thermopylae:
architecture- influenced by each other
Persian wars
cuisine/food- great uses of spices:
basil, cumin, mint, saffron, cloves, coriander

Compare the cultures of Greek and Persia
-thesis; similarity and difference
-body paragraph
-three direct comparisons, one reason

The Persian and Greek empires are known to have fought against each other during several occurrences. Located by the Mediterranean Sea, both empires c

Military played a large role in both the Persian and Greek empires,

The Persian and Greek empires have several similarities such as… location=strategy

Persia, monotheism, Greece, not.

The Persian and Greek empires have several similarities such as culture, cuisine, and military strategy.

wait was greek super tolerant of other people/cultures/whatever cause?????? i don’t know

in a body paragraph somewhere (about their location and how it affected culture)- Located by the Mediterranean Sea, both empires had similar strategies in

stuff about how military was a blah in both empires
something about how religion differs

Although the religious aspects of the Greek and Persian empires differed, their military strategies were similar and influential of everyday life. Where as Zoroastrianism, a monotheistic religion, was practiced throughout Iran, Greek polis’ had widespread polytheistic beliefs.

In both Greek and Persia, military was...
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