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Chapter 1: Applying the Art of Design

Entering the field of graphic design, there are plenty of career choices that present themselves after one graduates. Although there are several different avenues one can pursue, there are some general areas that most graphic designers will find themselves in once they graduate from school.

To name a few:
Design Studios
In-House Design
Printing Companies
Freelance Work

Design Studios are located around the country, and really provide a great variety of work for a designer. Clients come from all different backgrounds and also have varying needs. On the plus side of working for a design studio, the ability to work with peers who have different ideas, ensures that the customer will get the best possible solution for their needs. Bouncing ideas off of fellow employees creates a very open and creative atmosphere that can be beneficial in creating a final product that both meets the needs of the client, and holds up to personal design standards. Something to be aware of in this field is that time is of the essence, and working quickly and efficiently as essential to being successful in this area of employment. Sizes of studios can vary based on geographical location, and client demand. While smaller studios will work with only a few clients, recurring, larger studios will work with a wider range of clients and take on more jobs due to employee size. Job positions at design studios include but are not limited to:

Production Artists
Account Service Representatives

Some studios, depending on size and demand, will either have illustrators and photographers on staff, or will have them on call. The clientele for studios is another aspect that will vary from studio to studio, but clients that one can expect to get while working here are: Advertising Agencies who hire out for some of their work, institutions that do not have an in-house design department, and companies both small and large who contract out their design work. Working at a design studio also provides the designer with a wide range of production that he/she can look forward to doing. Including: brochures, mailers (mail advertising), illustrations, photography, catalogs, display materials either for promotion or the workplace, websites and promo videos. Based on the type of designer a person is, there can be advantages and disadvantages to working in small or large studios. Smaller studios give designers the opportunity to give the client full service design, meaning that they can manage the job from start to finish ensuring that there is no subcontracting of duties. With larger studios, the chance that this happens is smaller due to the fact that the list of clients a studio is dealing with at one time are much larger, so there is a chance that multiple designers are working on the same project. For the designer, working in a larger studio also provides a very creative environment with a larger number of employees, which makes for a more creative environment. Where larger studios offer a more creative environment sometimes, smaller studios give a designer a better chance at working with a variety of different design problems. I have provided an example of what a large design studio in Chicago has produced for a client. The studio is called Firebelly, and from looking at their website, they have a wide range of services they offer for clients. This particle example was dealing with a complete brand overhaul for a company called Rebuilding Exchange. The company deals with refurbishing building materials that have wound up in landfills and making them reusable for the public. Some things that Firebelly has done to revamp this company's identity includes: business cards, hangtags, brochures, notecards, giftcertificates, etc. Their emphasis was on DIY, and by adding a fingerprint to the logo, it gives it a...
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