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Chapter 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 Grade Booster
AP World History

All questions are multiple choice. Please circle the correct answer.

1. Out of the following statements, which was NOT a result of the Black Death?
a. Rise of feudalism in western Europe
b. Population decline in China.
c. Scarcity of goods throughout Europe.
d. Labor shortages in agriculture and industry in England.

2. One of the following statements is a true statement about the Heian period in Japan. Which statement is correct?
a. The Heian period was a time of exploration and conquest for Japan
b. Mongol invaders, under the rule of Ghengis Khan, ruled Japan during the Heian period
c. the focus of Heian civilization was on culture
d. Shintoism was replaced by Confucianism in Japan during the Heian period

3. Which statement is correct about the Magna Carta?
a. It created a system of common law in Anglo-Saxon England
b. It eliminated heredity as a requirement to hold the throne.
c. It did little to stop the growth of centralized government in England.
d. It established a model Parliament with advisory powers.

4. Monasticism was a characteristic of which of the following religions?
a. Greek Orthodoxy
b. Hinduism
c. Confucianism
d. Catholicism

5. One of the following statements is not correct about Neo-Confucianism; which is it?
a. Neo-Confucians desire restrictions to be placed upon the merchant class
b. Neo-Confucians continue the cultural clashes with Buddhism
c. Loyalty to the government becomes more important than familial ties
d. Neo-Confucianism is a dominant philosophy system within China’s bureaucratic class

6. Which statement is correct about the Tang Dynasty and the Byzantine Empire?
a. While the Byzantine Empire had a large urban center, the Tang Dynasty was more decentralized with small towns along trading routes
b. Both of their governments consisted of bureaucrats who received an education
c. There was considerable overlap between church and state in both governmental affairs and everyday life in both societies
d. Silk weaving was the major industry only in the Tang Dynasty

7. Which statement is NOT true about the Ming Dynasty?
a. China was no longer under the control of Mongol leaders
b. Contact with other nations increased with the creation of a Chinese navy
c. Buddhism became the official state religion of China
d. Chinese foreign policy was based on collecting tribute instead of waging war

8. What was one of the things that caused the spread of Eastern Orthodoxy?
a. the Mongol invasions of the Balkans and Kiev Russia
b. the development of the Cyrillic alphabet
c. the use of icons and symbols in religious ceremonies
d. integration of folk customs and practices into religious doctrine

9. Which of the following is a correct difference between feudalism and manorialism?
a. Trade and commerce were important in the feudal system
b. Feudalism was a political system while manorialism was an economic system
c. Advances in agricultural technology had a more positive impact on feudalism than on manorialism
d. While feudalism involved the exchange of military services, only manorialism involved a social hierarchy

10. One major difference between the Aztec and Inca civilization was
a. that while the Inca were agrarian, the Aztecs were nomadic
b. the Aztecs built religious monuments while the Inca did not
c. Incans were monotheistic while the Aztecs worshipped many gods
d. the Aztec developed a system of writing while the Inca did not 11. Manorialism ends in European nations in the 1100s for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: a. the development of a money-based economy

b. the formation of towns and cities
c. peasant rebellions against nobles
d. severe floods that destroyed fields and crops

12. Japanese feudal society was comprised of all of the following...
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