Gr. 7 Religion Final Exam Study Guide Essay Example

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In addition to reviewing the notes, handouts, tests, and quizzes, you are encouraged to review the following list of key concepts, terms, and people for the final exam.

• the Bible (review information booklet)

• Old & New Testament [Hebrew & Christian Scriptures] (review notes & charts)

• the books of Torah

• Gospel (books, meaning)

• religious celebrations / seasons and their respective symbols and concepts - Last Supper
- Advent (symbols relating to the Advent Wreath, Jesse Tree, Candy Cane) - Passover (significance of the event, meaning of types foods used in the meal)

• significance of Abraham & Sarah and their relationship with God

• parables (meaning, purpose)

• values (meaning, types, examples)

• Profession of Faith (importance and meaning of the Nicene & Apostle Creed)

• People are created in the image & likeness of God

• Bible passage notations (ex. Mark 1:4-12)

• Significance of Mount Sinai

• Ten Commandments (What are they? Meaning & purpose)

• Details surrounding the death & resurrection of Jesus (ex. approximate date, who he first appears to)

• God as the “lovng Father” and parent

• How should we pray?

• Four steps to follow when making a moral decision

• As Creator, God is the source of all that is

• story of Creation

• Co-operating in creation with God

• The significance of the various important days in Lent: Ash Wednesday Holy Thursday Good Friday Easter Sunday

• The Stations of the Cross

• The effects of “nicknames”

• The various titles given to Jesus and their meaning

• The inscription “INRI” on the cross and its meaning

• The origin and meaning of the Lord’s Prayer

• Jesus’ teaching about common sense

• God’s way is not the way of quick and easy answers, but of genuine and patient love

• God’s various teachings relating to the Kingdom of God

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