Godfather Notes

Topics: The Godfather, Michael Corleone, Vito Corleone Pages: 2 (576 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Film: The Godfather

Date| Prompts/Essential Questions 1. What is the effect of color/lighting in the film? 2. Where do you notice juxtaposition? What is the effect? 3. How does The Godfather adhere to the conventions of the mob/gangster genre? (remember to note connections to film noir). 4. How do the characters in The Godfather resemble other characters/archetypes in some of the other films we’ve watched?| Summary of Day’s Vi-ewing| My Contribution to Discussion| 11/1311/15| 1. The opening scene is dark room with little light coming through the blinds. Shows danger and secrecy of scene. 2. The Don’s office is dark and serious while the daughters wedding is bright, happy, and colorful. 1. The six men are having a meeting about drugs in a bright room. The men are all wearing dark suits however. Drugs are considered danger and the Don doesn’t get involved. Foreshadowing a conflict. 2. Don gets shoot in the street by a revival gang. Overview reveals Dons powerless situation. | Bonera- Undertaker ask the Don for a favor to take justice for her daughter, and the men who beat her.The Corleno family is one of the five Mob families doesn’t get involved in the drug business. Don gets attacked but manages to survive. The diver gets killed thinking he was involved with the murder. While Don is in the hospital still alive | | 11/16| 1. The scene opens to people guarding the Corlino house, this show the power and number of the mob. 2. The scene when Michael is at the table discussing the murder to the dinner. 3. H 4. Ben Wades gang is very similar to the Corleno family. Both are ruthless and get what they want. There is a head of each gang who falls behind and other members try to get justice. | Scene starts with Michael getting hit by the a cop for watching his father. He then plans to kill the cop along with the leader of the gang who tried to kill his father. He succeeds and goes to Italy to hind. | | 11/19| 1....
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