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Topics: Employment, Part-time, Personality psychology Pages: 6 (1823 words) Published: April 14, 2013
The best way to preserve the natural environment is to impose penalties—whether fines,imprisonment, or other punishments—on those who are most responsible for polluting or otherwise damaging it Discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the opinion expressed above. Support your point of view with reasons and/or examples from your own experience, observations, or reading.

Some people may say there is no intervention of the government in protecting our environment.While other may say there has to be a central authority to correct human errors which are causing irrepairable damage to our natural surroundings.I agree with the later one and to prove my point i would like to point out few facts.

Primarily, Technology and science have gained so much importance recently that these innovations are evolving a new lifestyle.While we are leaning towards more technical world we are neglecting the amount of destruction we are causing to our planet earth.For instance, Making of nuclear weapons.Nuclear plants are dangerous not only for human beings but for other animals too.It emitts tons of harmful substance which cause health hazards.

Another example we have is the blast in the chernobyl reactor in the 80's.It released large number of radioactive chemicals in the atmosphere causing unstopable pollution.It took away thousands of life and left an example of how dangerous it can be to harm nature?Individuals do not understand what damaging effect an unbalanced nature can bring on humal life .So government has to impose some laws to guide our safety and the natural resources.

Furthermore an individual is a selfish person and will try to ignore the harmful consequences and so government restiction should be enforced to control such deeds.If one who does pollute is not fined or punished than it might exite other to cause further damage.So one should think about long-term result of our actions.History has given us several examples to prove its power .Another illustrations include acid rain,releasing dangerous chemicals in the sea and so on.All these factors contribute to careless human nature.

Some may argue that it is our responsibilty to give safe and clear environment to our future generations for that one does not need to be tied up in laws but i would argue that beacuse of few careless people the damage can be unfixable.So every industry should pass few norms of protecting the atmosphere. In sum, i conclude that the advantages of having a law over not having one is more dangerous and might throw ourselves to another ice age and eventually end of world.So central authority is must to preserve or planet.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In matching job candidates with job openings (职?位?空?缺?,,职?务?空?缺?,职?工?空?缺?,就?业?机?会?), managers must consider not only such variables as previous work experience and educational background but also personality traits and work habits, which are more difficult to judge. What do you consider essential in an employee or colleague? Explain, using reasons and/or examples from your work or worklike experiences, or from your observations of others.

The subject the author wants us to explain is besides the work experience and the educational background, personality traits and working habits should be consider too as they are difficult to judge before hiring a canditate.Some may agree to it while others may not.I would definately treat all these variables equally because each one is important.But it also depends on which job the candidate is applying for?My position is well supported by common sense and by observation.

Primarily, i believe in jobs where skills are utmost important other things should be secondary.For instance- A physician.His skills are more precious than his personality.Similarly for the job of accountant his/her knowledge and experience stands above all....
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