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What are the advantages and disadvantages of the new pub compared to the old pub? Does the new location take advantage of the opportunities?

The Old Pub


The Pub formulized tradition and for students it was a nostalgic place, so people would come there out of their memories. It was a place where they felt comfortable VIP membership with benefits. They would not pay for entrance at special events. They had drink tickets for a free glass of mixed hard liquor Maximum capacity was 175 people.


No kitchen so the Pub did not offer hot Food, just some snacks like nuts, chips, and bars. Dry events did not go successfully, as their profit margins were low The Pub was old, tired, and had student-orientated physical appearance. Many people just would not enter because of it’s appearance, so it would not work in summer as there were not students.

The New Pub
Debit Card payment option
ATM located outside The Pub, but not far
Everything was new. New dishwasher, better draft pouring appliances, new furniture, No problems electrical and plumbing problems. Don’t require repairs every week The Location is perfect, and the university kitchen can be used to provide customers with some hot food.


Maximum capacity would be 150 people. And renting a new place will cost more, so there will be an extra spending. Still do not serve food, even though students prefer to spent time socializing and campus coffee shops rather than at campus pubs.
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