gateless electronic toll collection using rfid

Topics: RFID, Electronic toll collection, Toll road Pages: 2 (1201 words) Published: September 24, 2014
A.N.V.K.Chaitanya and D. Kishore Kumar,
Department Of Electronics and Communications Engineering
Koneru Lakshmaiah University
Vaddeswaram, Guntur.

An effective and efficient utilization of communication
link between RF Modems over a wireless channel to
facilitate monitoring, authentication and automated
toll collection of vehicles on the highways is proposed
in the paper. The system is implemented to
automatically register vehicles getting on or off a
motorway or highway, shortening the amount of time
for paying toll in large queues. This paper also
introduces the implementation and design of an active
RFID tag based system for automatically identifying
running vehicles on roads and collecting their data.
The architecture and the basic principles of design of
the system are presented; including reading equipment
(readers and antennas) and active electronic tag.
Finally, the effectiveness and efficiency of the system is
analyzed as a whole.

Idea to implement Mobile Gateless electronic toll
collection to solve time delay issue at toll gates and to
reduce the complexity.

1. Introduction:
Electronic toll collection (ETC) is a technology
enabling the electronic collection of toll payments. It
has been applied over many highways and
expressways for faster toll collection and reduced
traffic congestion. This ETC system is capable of
determining if the car is registered or not, and then
informing the authorities of toll payment violations,
debits, and participating accounts. The most
significant advantage of this technology is that it
eliminates congestion near toll booths. It is also a
method by which we can track vehicles at tollbooths.
Other than this obvious advantage, implementation of
the ETC could also benefit the toll operators. The
benefits or advantages for the users include:
1) Minimized queues at...

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