Future Trends in Hrm

Topics: Employment, Theory Z, W. Edwards Deming Pages: 5 (1635 words) Published: May 20, 2013
Hrm Future Trends Presentation Transcript

1. Future Trends in HRM
2. How is the environment changing? Society Technology Government Employers Employees Economy 3. How is the environment changing? Society From To Tolerant Assertive Modest expectation Rising expectation Collective Individualistic Long term oriented Short term oriented Less educated Better educated Aware of duties Aware of rights too 4. How is the environment changing? Technology From To Labour intensive Labourless Low cost High cost Multi technology Specialized technology Medium technology Complex technology Piece-meal technology Convergent technology 5. How is the environment changing? Government From To Policy of concentrated growth Balanced growth Subsidy oriented Innovative business incentives Entrepreneur Facilitator for entrepreneurs Employee friendly Employer friendly Centralized power Decentralized power 6. How is the environment changing? Employers From To Domestic Business Global business Profit oriented Efficiency oriented Traditional Management Professional Management Less technical More technical Less Mgt Qualification More Mgt Qualification Employer by inheritance First gen employers 7. How is the environment changing? Employees From To Workers Knowledge workers Blue collar White collar Specialized skills Multi skills Submissive Assertive 8. How is the environment changing? Economy From To Closed economy Open economy Sellers’ market Buyers’ market Domestic business International business Stable Unstable Higher price Lower price 9. HRM in 21 st century Demographic changes 1.Pressure from religious and racial minorities 2. Women reservation and empowerment 3. Reservation to economically backwards from upper castes 4.Reservation is likely to be extended to private sectors too Reasons Shrinking no. of PSU’s and Govt jobs Core sectors are going into private ownership Concept of pvt mgt and public money Increasing role of pvt companies in social development 10. HRM in 21 st century Demographic changes 5.Increasing educational qualifications of people at entry level 6.Awareness of the common public 7. Ratio of white collars and blue collars getting reduced Reasons Increasing technical skills and automation Increasing salary for workers Redundancy of blue collar workers 11. HRM in 21 st century Demographic changes 8.No. of women employees rising Last decade  Female employee growth around 50%  Male employee growth less than 20% Reasons Concept of dual career New jobs are becoming more suitable to women Equal opportunities and security for women in the workplace Rising expectations of self and children Inflation Threat of divorce/actual divorce Growth of service industry 9.Increasing feeling of sons of the soil 12. HRM in 21 st century Changing technology and automation Need for new skills to meet the new technology Strategy-Have feeder education/training institutions run by company-University-industry interaction-Constant training to employees +ve- Improves business efficiency -ve- Pressure on individuals to be up-to-date 13. HRM in 21 st century Changing technology and automation Skills going redundant (e.g. typists) Strategy-Retraining-VRS/Retrenchment-Outplacement Problems envisaged- After heavy investment on technology and automation money for retraining, VRS, etc may be scarce- Creates personal, Psychological, financial and social problems 14. HRM in 21 st century Changing technology and automation Better working conditions to workers, e.g. AC, computers, better lighting and resultantly better Q.W.L Skills are upgraded, so employees are becoming suitable for better jobs in the company and elsewhere Makes the job challenging Reduces the human interaction, so human elements will get lesser importance Breakdown of entire system/operations Many tragedies like Bhopal and Chernobyl are possible, which may bring the surrounding public under Workmen Compensation Act 1923 15. HRM in 21 st...
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