functional human anatomy notes

Topics: Neuron, Nervous system, Axon Pages: 2 (327 words) Published: February 27, 2014
-Anatomical Position
standard reference position
body upright (supine), palms forward, eyes ahead, feet together and forward –structural relationships are always made as if the body is in the anatomical position Fundamental position
-more comfortable, only difference is rotation of shoulder

Anatomical/Cardinal planes – separates parts of the body according to body polarities •coronal/frontal plane
horizontal/transverse plane
Median plane (midsagittal) – the vertical plane passing longitudinally through the body, dividing the body into right and left halves Sagittal Plane – vertical planes passing through the body parallel to the median plane -

CASE STUDY: 16 year old male who played with gun shot wound to right forearm and chest 1st bullet entered thru dorsal side of right mid-forearm and exited thru flexor side of right mid-forearm, grazing his right hip superficially afterwards 2nd bullet

Clinical correlation – the bullet entered chest travelled inferiorly, anteriorly, and medially. This means the bullet moved away from the head and toward the breastbone/sternum.

Planes and Motions
Front/Coronal Plane
Lateral flexion

Division of the Peripheral Nervous System
-2 functional subdivisions: sesnroy (afferent) –up ascend and sensory (efferent) sensory – down exit

-anaxonic neuron – only in CNS
-bipolar neuron - in special sense organs
-pseudounipolar neuron - sensory neurons in PNS
-multipolar neuron – most neurons in CNS, all motor neurons to skeletal muscles

-ependymal cells – found in brain, secrets cerebral spinal cord


What part of the nervous system is affected by MS?
What is the anatomy of the NS affected?
What are the effects of nerves with or without myelin

-if nerve injury occurs, degeneration and regeneration of nerve cells -there is NO regeneration expected for...
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