Freud vs. Jung

Topics: Carl Jung, Unconscious mind, Psychoanalysis Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: March 1, 2013
Carl Jung met Freud in 1907 and the two men talked “virtually without a pause for thirteen hours” Each was captivated by the other’s genius and passionate interest in psychology, and they began a close correspondence in which they exchanged letters as often as three times a week. (Bridle, Edelstein 2010)Both men are famous psychoanalysts with unique approaches to personality. At one point they shared many of the same theories and had a deep friendship. However, Jung developed several new theories and disagreements with Freud. After years of friendship the pair parted in 1913.The three main areas of personality which Jung disagreed with Freud on was the role of sexuality, temporal forces that influence personality and the unconscious. My views are split with these two, I just believe that they had shared so much of the same beliefs but eventually they had to branch of in some way because that is how they get their recognition. Two powerful men in the field of psychology had to have a different view in order to fulfill their “ego.” The theories of Freud and Jung branched off from sexual to Jung’s analytical approach in a deeper meaning. Freud believed in Self awareness and Jung was more into self realization. In which Freud was more focused on the unconscious when Jung branched off into exploring more towards the conscious mind. Freud is known as the father of the unconscious and he developed psychotherapy along with the idea of the id, ego and superego. Jung accepted the idea of the unconscious but he elaborated it by labeling two levels: the personal and the collective unconscious. Jung also developed Analytical Psychology and the terms introvert and extrovert. Freud firmly rejected religion and Jung incorporated things like religion and art into his theory. Freud felt religion was an escape and a fallacy, which ought not to be propagated. His faith was fully in the minds ability to access its unconscious thoughts. Jung conversely believed that...

References: wiseGEEK (2003-2013)
Was ist "das Ich"? Susan Bridle and Amy Edelstein 1991-2010, EnlightenNext magazine
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