Flow of Report

Topics: Supermarket, Milk, Retailing Pages: 4 (1176 words) Published: August 30, 2013
Flow of Report

* Discuss Supermarket
* Questions (As we go along with the discussion, we are going to find the answers to these questions) * Discuss Supermarket Layout and Effects of Marketing
* Market perspective (We have two points of view or perspective here, that is Supermarkets’ perspective and Consumer’s perspective but we will be more focus in Supermarkets’ perspective since we are IE students and later on some of us will be in line in Supermarkets’ industry. So markets are designed specifically to encourage shoppers to pick more than what’s on their list because of this Supermarkets will maximize or how they can gain a greater profit) * Substantial amout of research (Supermarkets don’t just place items any spot, extensive research goes into the planning of the layout. Research into the most effective ways of setting out the each department of the supermarkets and the best positioning for particular items) * Psychological effect (Psychologists have done research into behavioural pattern of customers’ show that customers tend to turn to the right as they first enter the supermarkets. Supermaurkets are aware of this behavioural pattern and tend to put tempting items such chocolate and magazines. They also take into consideration the weather such as if it was a rainy day they would put umbrellas towards the right of the entrance to entice people to buy them. Psychologists say the location of a stores entry point has a significant effect on how people shop, and even how much they will spend. There also have been research that shows that people that right hand-side entries favour an anti –clockwise movement throughout the supermarket where as left –hand side favour clockwise movement. . This has shown to be off importants as the research has shown that people that tend to walk in anti-clockwise position tend to spend two dollars more than the people that walk in a clockwise motion.

* Following particular pattern (using it in their...
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