Finn Chap 1-5

Topics: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Grammatical person, Education Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: November 14, 2013

How and why does Twain establish Huck’s voice as storyteller? What do we learn about Huck from what he reveals of other characters’ assessments of him? Twain establishes Huck’s voice as storyteller in the very beginning of the story. He establishes it by Huck’s introduction of the book that must be read that is written by Twain. From the beginning of the story the reader can learn about Huck from the Widows expressions over Huck. The reader can learn that Huck is kind of free spirited and more simple than the clean clothes that the widow puts him in. The reader can also learn that Huck at some point had $6,000 and is also an orphan.

Make two columns, listing Huck’s clear likes and dislikes as he reveals them in these chapters. What things does he have trouble understanding?

school,his father,clean clothes,his bad luck,church,rules

What are Huck’s feelings about his adoption by the Widow Douglas and her sister, Miss Watson? As a motherless boy, does he need their influence?

It seems that Huck is somewhat appreciative of the widow but dislikes her sister Miss Watson. Huck makes it known that he doesn’t really favor Miss Watson as he describes her a “a tolerable slim old maid.” (Twain,ebook-86) Huck seems to respect the Widow a more that her sister as he obeys most of her rules most of the time and does not describe or talk about her the way he does about Miss Watson. Their influence plays a great part in the education he receives. Through his education I think his choices in life are greatly influenced by his upbringing with the widow.

Huck’s upbringing is at issue in the book. What has he been taught that forms his core self? What do other characters want to teach him and how do they wish to change him?

Huck has been taught that there are different lifestyles to live. He has been through the abusive, alcoholic home. He has had experiences of sleeping in the woods, which is his...
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