Final Test Review Questions

Topics: Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Print server Pages: 5 (1328 words) Published: December 3, 2012
CST 232 Final Test Review Chaps. 5, 6, 7, 10, 11
Multiple Choice
Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. ____ are stored as header information with each folder and file, along with other characteristics including volume label, designation as a subfolder, date of creation, and time of creation. a. Attributes c. UNCs

b. DFS paths d. EFS keys
____ 2. The ____ attribute is checked to indicate that the folder or file needs to be backed up because it is new or changed. a. encrypt c. archive
b. index d. compress
____ 3. The NTFS ____ attribute protects folders and files so that only the user who encrypts the folder or file is able to read it. a. compress c. encrypt
b. archive d. index
____ 4. File and Folder ownership can be transferred only by having the ____ ownership special permission or Full control permission. a. Control c. Own
b. Take d. Manage
____ 5. The two models for implementing DFS are stand-alone and ____. a. site-based c. distributed
b. domain-based d. tree-based
____ 6. A ____ group is a set of shared folders that is replicated or copied to one or more servers in a domain. a. local c. universal
b. local domain d. replication
____ 7. When a client accesses the namespace domain controller, she receives a list of targets in a specified order. This is called a ____. a. folder target c. referral
b. manifest d. namespace
____ 8. The computer or print server device offering the printer share is the network ____. a. print client c. print driver
b. print server d. print job
____ 9. In the Windows environment, a ____ is a group of DLLs, information files, and programs that processes print jobs for printing. a. server c. spooler
b. driver d. job
____ 10. The network print server uses four processes to receive and process a print file: router, print provider, print processor, and ____. a. print spool c. print driver
b. print queue d. print monitor
____ 11. The router, print provider, and print processor all are pieces of the network print server’s ____. a. spooler c. monitor
b. queue d. driver
____ 12. When a print job is processed over the Internet or an intranet, ____ must be installed and running in Windows Server 2008. a. EPS c. IIS
b. PS d. PCL
____ 13. If a printer is not automatically detected, you can use the ____ to install it. a. Print Manager tool c. Hardware Manager tool
b. Print Wizard d. Add Printer Wizard
____ 14. The ____ tab of a printer’s Properties dialog box is used to enable or disable a printer for sharing as well as to specify the name of the share. a. General c. Ports
b. Advanced d. Sharing
____ 15. The ____ print monitor handles print jobs sent to a local physical port on the server, such as an LPT or COM port. a. Standard Port c. Local Port
b. Standard TCP/IP Port d. Local TCP/IP Port
____ 16. The ____ print monitor is used for TCP/IP-based printers that are connected to the network through print server cards or print servers. a. Standard Port c. Local Port
b. Local TCP/IP Port d. Standard TCP/IP Port
____ 17. A ____ is the way in which information is formatted in a print file. a. spooler c. data type
b. print driver d. queue
____ 18. The ____ data type is used for printing text files formatted according to the ANSI standard that uses values between 0 and 255 to represent characters, numbers, and symbols. a. TEXT c. RAW

b. NT EMF d. RAW (FF auto)
____ 19. Disk ____ is the ability to spread data over multiple disks or volumes. a. formatting c. partitioning
b. striping d. mirroring
____ 20. A ____ partition is one from which you can boot an operating system, such as Windows Server 2008. a. active c. secondary
b. extended d. primary
____ 21. The ____ partition is the partition where your computer will look for the hardware-specific files...
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