Final Project “Reflection”

Topics: Management, Military, Soldier Pages: 1 (305 words) Published: April 13, 2013
It is a process. Before reentering colleges again, I did not have the tool set for success. I am still working on my tool set for success, but this course has given me new tools and polish some old ones. However, the top three are time management, writing skills and obstacles to success. Time management is my main focus point in my college and military life. Having to deal with the military needs, a growing family (we found out adding one more to our family of four) and course assignments, I now utilize my i phone as my daily planner. On an average day, it keep me straight.

Every since grade school, I have hated writing. I figure once I am in the military, I would not have any reason for professional writing. I have learned writing is essential to my growth as a soldier. With each, assignment, I gained confidence in my writing. I also have the understanding that writing is a team event. I can read aloud to my wife and daughters to see it my essay flows correctly and have tutors reedit and proofread for mistakes I did not catch on my own.

The skill of obstacles to my success has been used in all aspects of my life. Knowing what are the road blocks is half of the battle. Sometimes in life breaking the cycle of insanity of doing thing over and over again and expecting different results is very hard to do. One way of breaking that cycle is having a plan to overcome the obstacle. Most importantly, one most have the will to push on and get pass the obstacle. Having the writing, time management and obstacles to my success skill will make me a better student today and make me a better soldier in the long term.
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