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Topics: Subdural hematoma, Blood, Hypertension Pages: 11 (1978 words) Published: April 16, 2014
NU 304 NX

1. When the immunoglobulin crosses the placenta, what type of immunity does the fetus receive? a. Active
b. Passive
c. Innate
d. Cell-mediated

2. The predominant antibody of a typical primary immune response is: a. IgG
b. IgM
c. IgA
d. IgE

3. While planning care, a nurse recalls seasonal allergic rhinitis is expressed through: a. IgE-mediated reactions
b. Tissue-specific reactions
c. Antigen-antibody complexes
d. Type II hypersensitivity reactions

4. When histamine is released in the body, which of the following responses would the nurse expect? a. Bronchial dilation
b. Edema
c. Vasoconstriction
d. Constipation

5. When thought content and arousal level are intact but a patient cannot communicate, the patient has: a. Cerebral death
b. Locked-in syndrome
c. Dysphagia
d. Cerebellar motor syndrome

6. A 65-year-old male recently suffered a cerebral vascular accident. He is now unable to recognize and identify objects by touch because of injury to the sensory cortex. How should the nurse document this finding? a. Hypomimesis

b. Agnosia
c. Dysphasia
d. Echolalia

7. A 69-year-old male with a history of alcohol abuse presents to the emergency room (ER) after a month-long episode of headaches and confusion. Based on his alcoholism, a likely cause of his neurologic symptoms is: a. Concussion

b. Chronic subdural hematoma
c. Epidural hematoma
d. Subacute subdural hematoma

8. _____ are most at risk of spinal cord injury from minor trauma. a. Infants
b. Men
c. Women
d. The elderly

9. Six weeks ago a female patient suffered a T6 spinal cord injury. She then developed a blood pressure of 200/120, a severe headache, blurred vision, and bradycardia. What does the nurse suspect the patient is experiencing? a. Extreme spinal shock

b. Acute anxiety
c. Autonomic hyperreflexia
d. Parasympathetic areflexia

10. A 23-year-old female begins having problems with tiredness, weakness, and visual changes. Her diagnosis is multiple sclerosis (MS). What is occurring in the patient’s body? a. Depletion of dopamine in the central nervous system (CNS) b. Demyelination of nerve fibers in the CNS

c. The development of neurofibril webs in the CNS
d. Reduced amounts of acetylcholine at the neuromuscular junction

11. Which statement by a patient indicates teaching was successful regarding myasthenia gravis? Myasthenia gravis results from: a. Viral infection of skeletal muscle
b. Atrophy of motor neurons in the spinal cord
c. Demyelination of skeletal motor neurons
d. Autoimmune injury at the neuromuscular junction

12. If a patient’s posterior pituitary is removed, which hormone would the nurse expect to decrease? a. PRF
b. ADH
d. GH

13. If a patient had a problem with the adrenal medulla, which of the following hormones should the nurse monitor? a. Cortisol
b. Epinephrine
c. Androgens
d. Estrogens

14. When catecholamines are released in a patient, what should the nurse assess for? a. Nutrient absorption
b. Fluid retention
c. Hypotension
d. Hyperglycemia

15. A 45-year-old female has elevated thyroxine production. Which of the following would accompany this condition? a. Increased thyroid-releasing hormone (TRH)
b. Increased anterior pituitary stimulation
c. Decreased T4
d. Decreased thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)

16. A 54-year-old patient with pulmonary tuberculosis (lung infection) is evaluated for syndrome of inappropriate ADH secretion (SIADH). Which of the following electrolyte imbalances would be expected in this patient? a. Hyponatremia

b. Hyperkalemia
c. Hypernatremia
d. Hypokalemia

17. A 22-year-old male is admitted to the intensive care unit with a closed head injury sustained in a motorcycle accident. The injury has caused severe damage to the posterior pituitary. Which of the following complications should the nurse anticipate? a....
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