Film Techniques

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Film Techniques Folio
Defining what you need to know about film

What do you know about film?

( How did they do that?
( Why did they put that in?
( What was the point of that?
( Why did that character do that?
( What’s this film really about?

These are just some of the questions which might arouse you when you are viewing, or studying, a film. And, clearly, your capacity to answer these questions will be aided by knowledge – knowledge of film and the film techniques a composer might employ.

Below, you will find a list of the main film techniques from which a composer may choose when they create a film text. Knowledge of these techniques and observation of them in use will enable you to gain a greater understanding of how meaning is created through the medium of film.

Film Techniques

(1) Camera Techniques

Camera Shots

▪ Extreme long shot or Establishing shot
▪ Long shot
▪ Full shot
▪ Medium shot or Mid-shot
▪ Close-up
▪ Extreme close-up

Camera Angles

▪ Overshot or Overhead shot
▪ High angle shot
▪ Eye level shot
▪ Low angle shot
▪ Undershot
Camera Movement

▪ Panning shot or Pan
▪ Tracking shot
▪ Dolly shot
▪ Tilt or Dutch tilt
▪ Point of view shot
▪ Zoom

Camera Focus

▪ Sharp focus
▪ Soft focus
▪ Deep focus

Camera Speed

▪ Slow motion
▪ Fast motion

(2) Lighting Techniques

▪ Key light
▪ High key lighting
▪ Low key lighting
▪ Fill light
▪ Back lighting

(3) Soundtrack

▪ Natural sound
▪ Sound effects
▪ Dialogue
▪ Voice-over


▪ Theme music
▪ Theme songs
▪ Adopted songs

(4) Editing Techniques

▪ Cut
▪ Fade
▪ Dissolve
▪ Wipe

(5) Special Effects

▪ Animation
▪ Animatronics
▪ Pixilation
▪ Computer-generated graphics

(6) Narrative Devices

▪ Image
▪ Metaphor
▪ Symbol

(7) Approaches to Film-making

▪ Realism
▪ Expressionism
▪ Mise en scène
▪ Montage

(8) Storyboard


Your task

You are to create a Film Techniques Folio of your own. This will be your own ready-to-use information source on all things film.

( To do this:-

(1) Create a new Word file

(2) Save:-

(a) To your S Drive
(b) Inside your English Folder
(c) Create a New folder called Film
(d) Inside the Film folder save this new Word file as Film Techniques Folio – Your full name
(e) Use the File name above as the Title

(3) Use the Film Techniques List provided (above) to establish your own list of the different film techniques you will research, define and in some cases provide diagrams for

(4) Use the internet to research each of the Film Techniques listed. (Yes, you may cut and paste!!)

NOTE : A list of useful sites has been provided below

(5) Provide a bibliography to recognise the source of your information...
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