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Film Questions

By holapeeps Oct 16, 2012 817 Words
The concept of putting more officers on the streets during times of higher crime rates is called _____________. A)
community policing

B) team policing
C) problem-solving policing
D) directed patrol
City or municipal police chiefs are usually appointed to their position by _____________. A)
the state’s governor

B) fellow officers
C) the mayor or the city counsel
D) local congressional representatives
Which factor does not influence the discretionary decisions of individual officers? A) background of the officer
B) pressures from crime victims
C) characteristics of the suspect
the season

Which of the following is NOT considered part of a shot's mise-en-scene? A) The actors' movements.
B) The camera's angle on the action.
C) Objects visible in the distance.
D) The shadows.
The system of lighting widely used in classical Hollywood filmmaking is known as A) Three-point lighting.
B) Five-point lighting.
C) Cast-shadow lighting.
D) Omni directional lighting.
Which of the following is NOT a term for a type of directional lighting? A) Top lighting
B) Under lighting
C) Over lighting
D) Backlighting
Which of the following is NOT a type of lighting in the three-point lighting system? A) Rack
B) Back
C) Key
D) Fill
According to Film Art, film actor's performance style is most affected by A) the microphone placement.
B) the camera distance.
C) the aspect ratio.
D) the lighting.
"Frontality" of staging means that
A) a character is placed in the extreme foreground of the shot. B) a character is facing toward the camera.
C) one character blocks our view of another.
D) a character is moving toward the foreground.
Georges Méliès was
A) an early director of fantasy films.
B) an important French set designer of the 1930s.
C) the director of Our Hospitality.
D) the first historian to study mise-en-scene in the cinema. 8.
"Stop-action" involves
A) having actors stand in the same spot where they were at the end of one shot while the lighting is adjusted for the next shot. B) halting the filming in one set and moving on to another while shooting out of continuity. C) one actor in a scene refrains from any obvious movement after delivering a line so as not to call attention away from the actor who is responding. D) animating an object by changing its position between each frame shot. 9.

Aerial perspective suggests depth by
A) making more distant planes seem hazier than closer ones. B) creating a high angle that makes parallel lines meet at the horizon. C) composing a shot that makes the sky dominate the image.
D) filming from directly above a character or setting.
Perspective diminution suggests depth by
A) making parallel lines seem to intersect.
B) creating false perspective by placing taller characters closer to the camera and shorter characters farther off. C) implying that the elements which are smaller in the shot tend to be farther away. D) reducing the cues for perspective so that the space appears relatively shallow. 11.

The two most basic types of light in a scene are the key and the rim. A) True
B) False
Unplanned events that are filmed by accident are not part of the mise-en-scene of a shot. A) True
B) False
"Fill" light is used to create deep shadows.
A) True
B) False
"Edge" lighting is a type of backlighting used to make characters stand out against a background. A) True
B) False
In Hollywood studio filmmaking, the lights are kept in the same position throughout a scene, no matter where the camera is placed. A) True
B) False
"High-key" lighting is typical of Hollywood filmmaking.
A) True
B) False
Soft, high-key lighting is associated with mystery stories, crime films, and films noirs. A) True
B) False
Since the advent of sound it is less important for actors to use their eyes, brow, and mouth to express character emotions. A) True
B) False
"Warm" colors tend to attract the spectator's eye more than "cool" colors do. A) True
B) False
When balancing the shot filmmakers assume the viewer will concentrate on the lower half of the projected frame. A) True
B) False
Georges Méliès's Star-Film studio had glass walls to allow sunlight to illuminate the mise-en-scene. A) True
B) False
Animated films, like live-action films, have mise-en-scene.
A) True
B) False
Marlon Brando's performance in On the Waterfront was a major example of realistic acting. A) True
B) False
German Expressionist films like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari are characterized by realistic mise-en-scene and subtle, psychologically based acting. A) True
B) False
Most of the gags in Our Hospitality depend on shallow-space compositions. A) True
B) False

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