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Film and Society Pass Year Questions

By IriesXin1 Jun 03, 2013 430 Words
Film & Society
Jan 08/09
1a) describe the early filmmaking format. (9m)
b) Discuss the FOUR components of time in a movie.(16m)
2a) Define mise-en-scene.(5m)
b) Based on ONE musical film of your choice, apply all FIVE elements of mise-en-scene seen in the film.(20m) 3a) Describe your understanding on the feminist model.(5m)
b) Discuss the strengths of the feminist model.(10m)
c) Choose ONE movie that best describe the above model. Discuss the elements of feminist seen in the movie.(10m) 4a) Define fidelity.(5m)
b) Describe the FOUR powers of sound.(8m)
c) Discuss the functions of the following aspects of sound.
I. Loudness(4m)
II. Pitch(4m)
III. Timbre(4m)

April 08/09
1a) Briefly explain the THREE basic steps involved in film production.(9m) b) Describe the responsibilities of the following people commonly involved in filmmaking. I. Script supervisor(4m)
II. First assistant director(4m)
III. Dialogue coach(4m)
IV. Second unit director(4m)
2a) Define the term Auter.(2m)
b) Identify the elements of analysis in conduction reviews on auteurism based films.(4m) c) In your opinion, which director do you think deserved to ba called an auter of the film he or she directed? Prove your claim by referring to at least THREE films directed by the director concerned. Your overall description should illustrate clearly the potential qualities a director in relation to the films proposed.(19m) 3a) define film criticism.(5m)

b) differentiate general-interest journal-based criticism from scholarly criticsm.(10m) c) discuss the TWO common errors made by film critics when conducting film critique.(10m) 4a) describe your understanding on narrative.(5m)

b) differentiate between plot and story.(5m)
c) discuss the common characteristic of a classical narrative film.(15m)

April 11/12
1a) explain any THREE roles of director during for shooting of a movie.(15m) b) describe the job function of picture editor and sound editor during the post-production stage of filmmaking.(10m) 2a) distinguish the TWO approaches to lighting design.(7m)

b) contrast personality star and character star.(6m)
c) outline any THREE continuity codes used to establish s continuous flow of action during the edting process.(12m) 3a) explain the phase “ All documentary caught in a state of tension between camera’s recording and transforming function”.(17m) b) differentiate Backstage Musical from Straight Musical film genre.(8m) 4a) discuss the Anime film and Ninja film Genre that is found in Japanese Cinema.(8m) b) Analyse FOUR factors that brought the breakthrough of Korea New Wave Cinema after 1997.(17m)

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