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About Henry Fayol & Fayol Theory
Henry Fayol is considered to be the father of Modern Operational Management Theory. He was one of the most influential contributors to modern concepts of management, having proposed that there are five primary functions of management:-

(1) Planning
(2) Organizing
(3) Commanding
(4) Coordinating
(5) Controlling 

Application in the Modern Workplace
Fayol’s elements of management are recognized as the main objectives of modern managers. Fayol believed management theories could be developed, then taught and suggested that it is important to have unity of command: a concept that suggests there should be only one supervisor for each person in an organization. Fayol suggested that management is a universal human activity that applies equally well to the family as it does to the corporation. Application of Fayol’s 14 principles of Administrative theory at McDonald’s 1. Division of work-

The first thing one would notice in a Mc Donald’s kitchen is the tools, the work process and the actual food. Each food item has its own machine. There is one toaster-grill for each kind of bun, and one fryer for each kind of burger. The area is laid out for maximum efficiency and minimum movement by the worker - for example the buns, toaster grill and trays all being one on top of the other.

In this way the job becomes very well-defined each employee knows exactly what he has to do. For example when three people are working on Cheeseburgers one works on laying out burger, second on filling the burger and the third one on taking burgers out of the grill. After which the “controller” (the employee who supplies orders to customers) collects the burger and provides it to the customers while cashiers collect the payment. 2. Authority.

The branch manager has full authority to give orders to the employees. The Training Squad Members, Dining Area Host/esses, Party Entertainers,...
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