Fashion Design

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Color is the hue, value, and intensity that defines parts and sets off one area of design from another. Hue is the name of the color (red, blue). Value is how light or dark the color is (light blue, navy blue). Intensity is how bright or dull it is (4-H green, neon green).

Note for the Project Helper
Not all exhibits in the clothing project area will require identification of elements and principles. If a garment or accessory has been designed and/or constructed to enhance personal appearance, the elements and principles will most likely need to be identified. Design elements and principles are difficult concepts for younger youth. Beginning to learn about line and color is emphasized for beginning youth. See Adventures in Clothing, 4-H 315a or Discovering Choice, 4-H 317a, pp. 24-25. As youth have more experience, they should begin to learn about other elements and how to use the principles of design in making choices. The principles of design are introduced in Strategies for Clothing, 4-H 315c pp. 4-10.

Unraveling the Mystery of Design Elements and Principles in Clothing

The elements of design are shape/form, color, texture, and line. These are the tools used by you and clothing manufacturers when a garment is designed and constructed to enhance your appearance.

Elements of Design

Form is the shape and structure of an item. Shape is two-dimensional and appears flat; form is three-dimensional with length, width, and depth. (A circle is a shape; a ball is a form.)

Line can show direction, draw your attention, outline an object, divide a space, or communicate a feeling. Lines can be straight, curved, diagonal, thick or thin, horizontal or vertical. They can be part of the fabric (stripes or plaid) or part of the design (a yoke or seam).



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