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Traits of Fantasy.
The identifying traits of fantasy are the inclusion of fantastic elements in a self-coherent setting. Within such a structure, any location of the fantastical element is possible: it may be hidden in, or leak into the apparently real world setting, it may draw the characters into a world with such elements, or it may occur entirely in a fantasy world setting, where such elements are part of the world. Within a given work, the elements must not only obey rules, but for plot reasons, must also contain limits to allow both the heroes and the villains means to fight; magical elements must come with prices, or the story would become unstructured. There are many elements that show up throughout the fantasy genre in different guises. Worldbuilding in particular has many common conventions, as do, to a lesser extent, plot and characterisation. Though it is important to differientate them between themes, which are actually statements or commentaries that recur throughout the story, these are subjects. • Destiny

o Stableboy becomes king (or the like)
o Prophecy
• Good vs. Evil
o Downfall of a tyrannical ruler or evil wizard
o Preventing conquest by a tyrannical ruler or evil wizard • Creates alternate reality, with believable laws
o Magic
▪ Magical Items
▪ Magical Artefacts
▪ Swords
▪ Gems
▪ Stones
▪ Rings
o Medieval (usually European) Setting
▪ Feudal Government
▪ Primitive technology (almost always pre-gunpowder) o Legendary creatures
▪ Dragons
▪ Gryphons
▪ Non-Human Races (or variants of them specific to each work) ▪ Dwarves
▪ Elves
▪ Fairies
▪ Trolls
• Quests

The boundaries of the fantasy literary genre are not well-defined, and the same is therefore true for the film genre as well. Categorizing a movie as fantasy may thus require an examination of the themes, narrative approach and other structural elements of the film. For example, much about the Star Wars saga suggests fantasy, yet it has the feel of science fiction, whereas much about Time Bandits (1981) suggests science fiction, yet it has the feel of fantasy. Some film critics borrow the literary term Science Fantasy to describe such hybrids of the two genres. Animated films featuring fantastic elements are not always classified as fantasy, particularly when they are intended for children. Bambi, for example, is not fantasy, nor is 1995's Toy Story, though the latter is probably closer to fantasy than the former. The Secret of NIMH from 1982, however, may be considered to be a fantasy film because there is actual magic involved. Superhero films also fulfill the requirements of the fantasy or science fiction genres but are often considered to be a separate genre. Some critics, however, classify superhero literature and film as a subgenre of fantasy (Superhero Fantasy) rather than as an entirely separate category.

Media Terms.
Advertisemnt: a promotion of a product.
Auteur Style: Type of film a director is famous for.
Camera angles: how the camera is positioned.
Characters: people within a film.
Connotation: the imaginative ideas that we link to an object. Costume: clothes that charcaters wear – also includes make-up. Denotation: what an object actually IS.
Diegetic sound: realistic background noise.
Edit: (i) to work on and improve a section of a film. (ii) the length of a shot, from when it opens, to when it changes to another type of shot, camera angle, etc. Fx: effects.
Genre: different types of films.
Lighting: how lights are used to create effects.
Mise-en-scene: to “set the scene”, providing visual clues for the audience. Non-diegetic sound: sounds added to...
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