Export Localization Strategy

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Localization Strategy
Localization strategy is the process of adapting a product or service to a particular language, culture, and desired local “look-and-feel”. Ideally, a product or service is developed so that localization strategy is relatively easy to achieve. An internationalized product or service is therefore easier to localize. The process of first enabling a product to be localized and then localizing it for different national audiences is sometimes known as globalization. In localizing a product, such details as time zones, money, national holidays, local colour sensitivities, product or service names, gender roles, and geographic examples must all be considered. A successfully localized service or product is one that appears to have been developed within the local culture.

The GLOBE Centre defines localization strategy as the process of adapting language, products, marketing, operations, organization or strategies based on a thorough understanding of foreign markets and the global competitive landscape. GLOBE activities are based on the philosophy that companies which proactively research the needs of foreign markets and make adaptations based on this understanding will be more successful in international ventures. Localization projects usually include:

i. Project management
ii. Translation and engineering of software
iii. Translation, engineering and testing of online help or web content iv. Translation and desktop publishing documentation
The key process of localization is obtaining information about foreign markets and applying this knowledge to the development of strategy for global competition. Companies leverage information on foreign markets by making adaptations to various business elements, such as product design, marketing communications, or operations. As companies cater to local differences, they must also explore potential global scale or scope economies in order to succeed in today's competition. To achieve both...
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