Exploring the Hospitality Industry

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Exploring the hospitality industry
CHAPTER 1 Characteristics of the hospitality industry - Hospitality businesses are open 365 days a year, 24 hours a day - Constant strive for outstanding guest satisfaction - leads to guest loyalty - leads to more profit - Services are mostly intangible - the product is for the guest’s use - not possession - only - Inseparability: - characteristic of services that makes them inseparable (1) from their means of production, and (2) from the customer's experience of them. Inseparability requires that a consumer of a service interacts (sometimes physically) with its producer to receive its benefits - Perishability: - one of the four fundamental characteristics of a service, it refers to the fact that (in general) services cannot be produced and stockpiled (inventoried) before consumption: they exist only at the time of their production The hospitality business is selling an intangible and perishable product Perfecting service - Service is ‘the act or means of serving’, to serve is to ‘provide goods and services for’ and ‘be of assistance of’ - Guest expectations have increased and the realisation that ‘we buy loyalty with service’ have caused the hospitality industry to be re-vamped - The essence of teamwork: - ‘if you are not serving the guest, you had better be serving someone who is’ - someone in the back of the house is serving someone in the front of the house, who is serving the guest (employees are sometimes called internal guests; one employee serves another employee who serves the guest) - helps to achieve the common goal: guest satisfaction - External guests - the people who are willing to pay for a company’s service - their satisfaction ultimately measures a company’s success - Internal guests - The people inside a company who receive or benefit from the output of work done by others in the same company - Steps for success in service 1. focus on the guest 2. understand the role of guest service 3. weave a service culture into education and training systems 4. emphasise on high touch instead of high tech 5. thrive on change

- leadership involves change, because the external environment is changing - when implementing change: 1. State the purpose of the change 2. Involve all employees in the process 3. Monitor, update and follow up - Total quality management (TQM) helps improve service to guests by empowering employees to give service that exceeds guest expectations - Works best when managers are also good leaders, they have to create a stimulating work environment in which guests and employees become an integral part of the mission by participating in goal and objective setting - Achieving TQM is a top-down, bottom-up process that must have the active commitment and participation of all employees from the top executives down to the bottom of the corporate ladder - TQM focusses on error prevention - Quality control (QC) focusses on error detection - By empowerment employees will feel responsible for their jobs and have a stake in the company’s success - To empower employees, managers must: 1. Take risks 2. Delegate 3. Create a learning environment 4. Share information and encourage self-expression 5. Involve employees in defining their own vision 6. Be thorough and patient with employees The hospitality industry is a service industry; this means that we take pride in caring about others as well as ourselves. Ensuring that guests receive outstanding service is a goal of hospitality corporations CHAPTER 3 Pleasure travel - 82% of domestic travel is leisure travel (leisure, recreation, holidays and VFR) - Nearly half visits friend and relatives - Reasons for travel - To experience new and different surroundings - To experience other cultures - To rest and relax - To visit friends and family - To view or participate in sporting / recreational activities - Reason for increasing travel - Longer life span - Flexible working hours - Early retirement - Greater ease of travel - Tendency to...
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