Exploration Proposal

Topics: Photography, Digital photography, Color Pages: 3 (1002 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Exploration Proposal
This year in year 12 I would like to explore city and suburban photography. In my exploration I will focus on landscapes, man-made and that made by mother earth. What I hope to showcase in my portfolio this year is a collection of cityscapes hoping to capture astonishing man-made structures and the great architecture that’s been exerted into them. With this I also hope to showcase a bit of an ‘old vs. new’ theme, especially with many iconic Melbourne structures. I hope to also explore nature, landscapes particularly, such as parks, beaches, etc. as I also have a great interest in nature. I also hope to explore urban art or commonly referred to as ‘graffiti’, to seek out very creative art around the streets of Melbourne. My focus and subject matter throughout the design process will be based on my regional environment. I plan to focus on where I live, in Melbourne’s south-east and around the CBD. The decision to explore my ideas through photography was decided by my love for how a single frozen image can express a thousand words, and the ability to be able to capture a single moment in time. I feel most comfortable with this art form. I hope to focus on digital photography using a digital SLR camera. I also hope to use an analog film camera, so that I can further my understanding of how to use a film camera and further enhance my skills in the darkroom. The inspiration for my photographs comes mainly from the internet, I like browsing around viewing many creative and truly unique images, related and unrelated to my focus as they inspire me to capture or create something just simply amazing. I have been inspired by many remarkable images of city and urban photography, a majority of which from this this page http://www.designyourway.net/blog/inspiration/52-great-examples-of-urban-photography/. An example of one of the images that has greatly inspired me, with urban photography, would have to be this image by Wojciech Dziadosz. The colour has...
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