Explain how glaciers move and outline factors that influence the rate of movement

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Explain how glaciers move and outline factors that influence the rate of movement There are a variety of methods in which a glacier can move. One method is Basal Flow, which is the process by which the glacier slides over the underlying bed-rock. This is due to the friction which makes the Pressure Melting Point within the bed to increase which raises the temperature of the ice, to cause melt water to be created and consequently this is used as a lubricant, which allows the glacier to be moved. 80% of glacial movement is Basal Flow movement. A Regelation Slip is another technique by which Glaciers can move; in this system the glacial ice moves towards a piece of outlying hard rock upon the bed rock, which results in friction being created. Subsequently, the increased friction increases the heat to a point at which it overcomes the Pressure Melting Point, ultimately melting the ice. The melt water created travels over the rocky outcrop to the lee, where the friction is at a much lower level, consequently causing the ice to re-freeze as the temperature of the melt water has dropped. Rotational Flow can also be a procedure which encourages glacial movement. This is the idea that glacial ice is able to move by pivoting around a point within the cirque basin, which can be described as rotational movement. Internal Deformation is the main form of glacial transportation in polar regions as this process does not include melt water, which would not be present in a polar region as glaciers tend to be frozen to their beds. Internal Deformation is when ice crystals direct themselves to the prevailing course of the glacier’s movement and slide past each other to move.
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