Exp. #1- Observations of Chemical Changes

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Title: Observations of Chemical Changes
Purpose:The purpose of this experiment is to predict and examine chemical changes/reactions among common chemicals found in consumer products at a macroscopic level. Procedure:The procedure of this experiment was to carefully mix different chemicals together using the chemical filled pipettes and the 96-well plate and determining what chemical reactions occurred. Data Table:Observations of Chemical Changes

Experiment 1: Observations of Chemical Reactions|
Well #/Question:| Chemicals:| Reaction:|
A-1/A| NaHCO3 andHCL - CO2| Substance bubbled, releasing Carbon Dioxide| A-2/B| HCl andBromthymol Blue| Substance turned a yellowish-orange color| A-3/C| NH3 andBromthymol Blue| Substance turned a dark blue color| A-4/D| HCl and Blue Dye| Substance appeared an aqua color behind the light background and a dark blue color behind black background|

A-5/E| Blue Dye and NaOCl| Before HCl was added, substance turned a blue color. After HCl was added, substance appeared a green color.|
A-6/F| Kl and Pb(NO3)2| Substance turned a yellow color and became very cloudy| A-7/G| NaOH andPhenolphthalein| Substance turned a dark pink color| A-8/H| HCl andPhenolphthalein| Substance unexpectedly remained clear| A-9/I| NaOH and AgNO3| Substance became extremely cloudy and turned a brown color| A-10/J| AgNO3 and NH3| Substance, after exposure to light, turned a dark brown color| A-11/K| NH3 and CuSO4| Substance turned a cloudy light blue color|

A. One way to test a material for the presence of sodium bicarbonate is to take a sample and add HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) and see if a chemical reaction (bubbling, releasing Carbon Dioxide) occurs. If this chemical reaction does occur, then the material does in fact contain Sodium Bicarbonate. B. All Purpose Cleaner with Bleach – the reaction remained blue from the Bromthymol Blue, and then turned...
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