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Exercises for Marketing Management

Section A

• Indicate your answer by writing the letter corresponding to the correct answer in the questions.

1. Behavioural theory Maslow’s hierarchy of needs:
a. Physiological need, safety needs
b. Physiological need, safety needs, social needs
c. Physiological need, safety needs, social needs, Esteem needs, Self-actualization d. Safety needs, social needs, Esteem needs, Self-actualization 2. Setting low price and aiming to enlarge market share is:

a. Market-penetration pricing
b. Market-skimming pricing
c. Markup pricing
d. Perceived-value pricing
3. Attitude and learning are examples of _____________ affecting the buying decision: Personal factors
Social factors
Physiological factors
Psychological factors
4. Ford company produced only one kind of product, which is T-Model in Black, to entire market in the early of 20 century is: a. Multi-segment marketing
b. Mass marketing
c. Niche marketing
d. Custom marketing
5. Advertising is:
a. A paid form of non-personal communication
b. A paid form of personal selling
c. An unpaid form of personal communication
d. An unpaid form of non-personal communication.
6. P&G provide several brands in the same product category is a. Multibrands
b. New brans
c. cobrands
d. Brand extensions
7. A strong need that cannot be satisfied by existing products a. Negative demand
b. Latent demand
c. Overfull demand
d. Declining demand
8. Which of the following statements is TRUE when applied to Secondary data in marketing research: a. It is collected for other purposes and already exists somewhere b. It is more accurate than primary data

c. It is more complete than primary data
d. It is collected costly
9. A niche is
a. A small market
b. Entire market
c. Local market
d. Individual market
10. The people who have a strong potential interest and ability to pay for the product are a. Suspects
b. Prospects
c. Repeat customers
d. Members
11. Macroenvironmental factors include
a. Demographic, natural environment, political-legal, technology, economic forces, social-cultural b. Competitor, supplier, customer, stakeholder
c. Demographic, natural, competitor, political, economic, social-cultural d. Behavioral, Demographic, cultural, geographical
12. The 4Cs consist of:
a. Customer solution, customer cost, convenience, communication b. Customers, competitors, culture, collaborators
c. Customers, collaborators, culture, the company itself
d. Competitors, customers, culture, collaborators
13. Product life cycle includes
a. Growth stage, introduction stage, decline stage, increase stage b. Decrease stage, introduction stage, increase stage, decline stage c. Introduction stage, Growth stage, Maturity stage, Decline stage d. Maturity stage, Downward stage, Introduction stage, Decline stage 14. The bases for segmenting consumer markets

a. Demographic, geographic, psychographics, behavioral
b. Demographic, geographic, psychographics
c. Demographic, geographic, occasion, value
d. Age, occupation, region, lifestyle
15. costs vary directly with the level of production. a. Variable cost
b. Fixed cost
c. Total cost
d. Average cost
16. _________ Concept holds that the key to achieving its organizational goals consists of the company being more effective than competitors in creating, delivering, and communicating customer value to its chosen target markets: a. Marketing

b. Sales
c. Product
d. Production
17. Brand is :
a. Trademark
b. Product value
c. Labeling
d. A name, term, sign, symbol, or design, or a combination of them 18. AIDA means :
a. Awareness, interest, desire, adoption
b. Awareness, interest, desire, action
c. Attitude, intention, desire, awareness
d. Attention, interest, desire, action
19) Speciality products are:
a. Rapidly consumed items that are relatively inexpensive and require minimal purchasing effort b. Normally only purchased when required to...
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