Example Investigative Fire Report

Topics: Cigarette, Fire, Firefighting Pages: 4 (1174 words) Published: July 27, 2014
FIP 128/450
Bottoms City Fire Department
CASE NUMBER: #123456
DATE: 4/21/14

On April 21, 2014, I responded to 100 Eddie Lane, at the request of the Captain from Engine 1. Arrival at the scene by the unit was 0200 hours. At the time of the investigators arrival, the fire had been extinguished by Engine 1. I observed a wood-frame construction, two-story, basement, one-family residence. The fire was restricted to the main structure, meaning no out buildings or vehicles were involved. Access to the property is at the gravel driveway to the left and I made entry into the structure was made through the front door after documenting photos of the outside of the structure. The fire occurred during the day, which was bright and sunny with temperature at 68degrees, there was also a slight breeze at about 6mph from the n/w. The breeze would have been blowing against the backside corner of the home. Witnesses/Occupants

O-1: John Bush, 100 Eddie Lane, Bottoms, NC 28001 DOB 12-01-88, occupation – student/part-
time evening emp.
0-2: Susan Bush, 100 Eddie Lane, Bottoms, NC 28001 DOB 5-11-91, occupation – student/part-
time evening emp.
Statements Made by Witnesses/Occupants
Statements made to Fire Captain:
O-2: Said she was up late studying, just laid down on the couch, fell asleep, did not know how the fire started. Felt sure it was a problem with the house, complained several times to the landlord about problems with no response, complained of several wiring issues. Said she was a smoker but stated put cigarettes completely out while doing her work. O-1: John had agreed with Susan confirming the issues with the wiring. He also stood behind his wife and said she was always safe with her cigarettes Observations

Data collection began with photos being taken beginning outside and moving indoors. No smoke alarms or water sprinklers have been noted. Pictures should always be labeled when providing evidence and these photos will be numbered in...

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