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CPSC 365 Exam 1 Review
Chapter 1

The next wave of CIOs
1. The fact that the prevalence of IT and information systems throughout the organization gives CIOs a broad view of operations through all of these except? a. Business Processes
b. Inter-organizational coordination challenges and opportunity c. Understanding of firm’s positioned executive strategy
d. Leading the development for implementations of Moore’s Law

2.Information systems function is increasingly staffed with people who have what type of training?     A. Social and Entertainment
    B. Business and Humanities
    C. Architecture and Design
D. Mathematics and Engineering
E. All of the above
F. None of the above
Fundamental IT Trends

    1). Moore’s law describes which of the following technology trends?         a. rate at which upload speeds are declining
        b. exponential growth of the number of transistors on a single integrated circuit         c. exponential growth of malicious code transferred via SMS messages         d. increasing cost of secure data storage

    2). All of these are benefits of information technology except:         a. IT costs continue to decline rapidly
        b. Data storage cost continues to decline
c. Processing power, storage capacity and battery life continues to increase rapidly d. Network bandwidth decreases

3). Which of the following does NOT describe the enduring effects of Moore’s Law?         a. increasingly powerful yet cheaper computing strength         b. increasing cost of implementing IT equipment         c. declining costs of computer memory

        d. dramatic improvement in the ease and breadth of use of digital devices

4). What is the difference in simple terms between IT and IS         A. IS is more technical
        B. IS is About People
        C. IS is Business related
        D. IS is less technical

    5). What is the relationship between IT and IS?
        A. IT makes people get frustrated with IS
        B. IT makes IS more complicated than it needs to be         C. IT design enable and constrain the IS system         D. IT helps IS people have a job

    6).  Which of the following is not a component of an IS?         A. Structure
        B. IT
        C. People
        D. Process
        E. Hierarchical

Computers Have Become Easier To Use

1).    As computers have become more complex internally _________.   A.      They have become harder to use.
  B.      Computers have not become more complex internally, they have become less    complex.   C.      They have become easier to use.
  D.      They have not changed at all.

Chapter 2

Components of an Information System
1. Organizational design, reporting, and relationships are all part of which component of an Information System?: A) People
B) Process
C) Technology
D) Structure

     2.   What is one of the components of the Process of an Information System? 1. Steps necessary to complete a business activity
2. Reporting
3. Individuals involved in the Information System
4. Hardware and software and telecommunication equipment

2. Which is an example of a process?
a. check-in at a hotel
b. credit approval at a bank
c. paying bills online
d. all of the above

Why do organizations build information Systems?
      2.      Why do organizations introduce information systems? A) improve efficiency
B) lower costs
C) improve effectiveness
D) Both A and C

     2. Which is not a sign of a failed information system?         A) Yields none of the promised benefits
        B) System Abandonment
        C) Increase efficiency
        D) system rejected by intended users

Information Systems and Organizational Change
     1.    What Order of change affects only the technical subsystem? a)      Informate
b)      Transform
c)       Automate
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