exam 2 study guide

Topics: Emotion, Scientific method, Theory Pages: 3 (467 words) Published: April 22, 2014
COM 425 SEC 002
Exam #2 Study Guide
Please note that this is an overview of the topics covered thus far. It is intended to serve as a guide for studying. It is not an exhaustive list or a thorough review by any means. Please prepare for the exam accordingly.

Chapter 11: Conflict
 The Nature of Conflict
o What is conflict
o Dialectics
o Frequency of conflict
 The Course of Conflict
o Instigating events
o Attributions
o Engagement and Escalation
o Demand/Withdraw Pattern
o Negotiation and Accommodation
o Dealing with conflict (four types of couples)
 Mastering our Anger
 Outcomes of Conflict
 Benefits of Conflict
 Understand the implications of the four horsemen of the apocalypse  Know the remedies and why Gottman suggests them
 Understand all levels of the sound relationship house as Gottman discussed in the videos Gottman, Coan, Carrere, & Swanson
 “Dysfunctional” Models
o Anger as a dangerous emotion
o Four Horsemen of the apocolypse
 Affect, Power, Gender
o Negative affect reciprocity
o Conflict start-up
 “Functional” Models
 Active listening
 De-escalation
 Positive affect models
 Balance models
 Physiological soothing of the male
 Know the results (significant findings)
o You will not need to know numbers, just relationships between variables o Know which patterns predicted divorce and which patterns predicted stability

Emotions (Berscheid, 1983)
 What are emotions?
 How do they differ from feelings?
 Know how the magnitude and intensity of emotion can or cannot be used to assess closeness in relationships
 Understand Mandler’s theory of emotions and the concepts related to the theory o When is emotion experienced? When is emotion NOT experienced? o Autonomic nervous system
o Cognitive-interpretive system
 Meaning analysis
 Organized action sequences and plans
 Interruption (and the general principals)
 Understand Berscheid’s application of Mandler’s theory o What is a...
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