Exam 1 study guide
Topics: Leadership, Management / Pages: 4 (406 words) / Published: Sep 8th, 2014

Study Guide for MGT411 Exam 1: Key Learning Concepts & Issues
Professor Waldman, fall 2014


Why leadership is important for organizations and aspiring leaders


The “are leaders born vs. made” controversy


What it means (and why it’s important) to consider differences and similarities of leadership at different levels of application (i.e., individual, group, organization)


Leadership as both an art and a science


What the neuroscience of leadership project is all about an understanding of how brain activity affects a leader’s thinking and actions the use of neuro-feedback as a leader development tool


Key traits commonly associated with effective leadership – the “Great Man” approach to understanding leadership individual traits leader motive profile


Personal factors and how they relate to leadership the Big 5 + 1 (i.e., locus of control)
Emotional intelligence and its relevance to leadership effectiveness


Two-factor models of leader behavior generalized leadership behaviour, vs. more specific, decision-making behavior leadership grid


What “leading with love” is all about, and why it is controversial


Leader-member exchange (LMX) as a way of considering the nature of individualized or dyadic leadership emphasis on leadership at the individual level and the development of role-making relationships between leaders and followers tendency toward in-group/out-group formation the development of low vs. high quality relationships the nature of such differing relationships why these differing relationships are likely to develop problems with out-group formation what can be done to prevent or remedy out-group formation


Effective followership the nature of effective, versus not-so-effective, followership (i.e., combining independent/critical thinking with action) managing upward how effective followership and managing upward coincide with avoiding the “LMX

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