Exam 1 Review

Topics: Humidity, Particulate, Bacteria Pages: 3 (539 words) Published: January 30, 2013
EVPP 305
Study Guide
1. What is Aeromicrobiology?
a. Study of microorganisms present in the air
b. Indoor and outdoor air
c. Airborne transmission of environmentally relevant microorganisms i. Bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, and protozoans

2. Name one airborne microbial toxin?
d. Eg. Toxin from Clostridium botulinum – potential biological warfare agent e. Neurotoxin
f. Lethal dose – 0.3 µg by inhalation

3. Is lipopolysaccharide an airborne microbial toxin? What kind of bacteria contains LPS? g. Outer membrane of gram negative bacteria – Endotoxin h. Highly antigenic biological agent when associated with airborne particles such as dust i. Respiratory illness

4. Sources of LPS.
j. High level of LPS – cotton mills, solid waste handling, swine and poultry houses, STPs, and home and office buildings 5. What are aerosols? Why is it threat to human health?
-Particles suspended in air
-Threat to human health
k. Respiratory intake
l. Deposition in nasal and bronchial airways

6. Types of particulate matter based on size? Which is most harmful to human health? According to USEPA, airborne particulate matter is divided by size m. PM10 – particles with diameters less than or equal to 10 µm n. PM2.5 – particles less than or equal to 2.5 µm

7. What are bioaerosols?
-Biological airborne contaminants that can be ingested or inhaled -Can be liquid or solid or both (e.g., a liquid droplet containing a microbe).

8. Aeromicrobiological pathways – steps involved with example -Launching of bioaerosols into the air
-Transport via diffusion and dispersion of these particles
-ex. Spread of Influenza Virus
9. Sources of airborne particulates
10. Launching
Air borne particles can be launched from
o. Point source
ii. Instantaneous point source – sneeze or cough
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