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Topics: Capitalism, Corporation, Business ethics Pages: 34 (5615 words) Published: January 8, 2013
Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. The study of business and society involves an exploration of what is "right" and/or "wrong" in terms of the social and ethical conduct of business. True False

2. Responses to social and environmental issues will determine the corporations which will survive in the future. True False

3. Integrity refers to the appropriateness of a corporation's behaviour, not to its adherence to moral principles. True False

4. Ethics applies to business in the same manner as they apply to religion. True False

5. A responsible corporation, a business undertaking that responds to social, ethical and environmental responsibilities in addition to its economic obligations results in a firm's integrity. True False

6. A free enterprise system sees a strictly limited role for government. True False

7. The responsible enterprise system and stakeholder capitalism both acknowledge that business has responsibility beyond making profit for shareholders. True False

8. Adam Smith argued for a system of capitalism that would see an enhanced role for government. True False

9. Canadians’ overall attitude towards business has been basically positive over the last ten years. True False

10. Private enterprise focuses on the profit motive.
True False

11. There are very few legal requirements for an individual establishing or operating a business in Canada. True False

12. Legitimacy refers to the rightness of the rightness of a business system to provide goods and services wanted by Canadians.
True False

13. A partnership may involve two or more than two individuals sharing the ownership of a business. True False

14. In a proprietorship or partnership, the owners assume all responsibility for the firm, but they also receive all profits. True False

15. The concession doctrine implies that incorporation is a right, not a privilege for businesses. True False

16. The freedom of association doctrine implies that incorporation should occur without government intervention. True False

17. Legislative safeguards are imposed upon incorporation processes to create and preserve an atmosphere of public confidence, as well as to create protections for investors and creditors. True False

18. A minority of Canadians are owners of businesses, either directly or indirectly. True False

19. Strategic planning is a function of the board of directors. True False

20. The board of directors is responsible to the manager of the corporation. True False

21. Integrity is becoming an increasingly important attribute for managers to possess. True False

22. Self-interest by firms is an issue that the Canadian public consistently identify as a negative attribute of the business enterprise system. True False

23. When resolving ethical issues, automatic decisions are reliable. True False

24. The teleological approach to ethics is also referred to as a rule-based theory. True False

25. Virtue ethics focuses upon ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’. True False

26. One advantage of virtue ethics is that there is general agreement as to what constitutes a virtue. True False

27. Utilitarianism is one form of rule-based theories.
True False

28. Deontological theories focus on moral obligations.
True False

29. The ‘greatest good for the greatest number’ is a feature of consequentialist theories. True False

30. Ethical dilemmas exist when an individual must choose between two right responses. True False

31. Tigana is hoping to shift the corporate culture of her organization following a series of scandals amongst her competitors. She will be developing rules, standards and codes or principles to guide the employees' decision making towards more morally appropriate...
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