Ethical Study Review

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Medical ethics Pages: 4 (1314 words) Published: May 7, 2014

Ethical Study Review
Kristy Saint
Grand Canyon University: HLT 520
February, 19, 2014

In the health care field there will always be ethical dilemmas to contend with and the majority of these are the most difficult to imagine. In this case, a 96 year old male cancer patient is receiving naturopathic treatment from his daughter who happens to be a physician in that field. This has caused conflict between the daughter and the regular physicians due to the fact that they feel she may be causing her father unnecessary pain as well as speeding up his death. The scope of healthcare ethics encompasses the decision making process and how it relates to what is right and what is wrong. Therefore it is important for caregivers to anticipate and recognize dilemmas and make good decisions based on the needs of the patient (Pogzar, 2012, p. 368). Different treatment methods coming into light today, such as naturopathic treatment, tends to complicate the process of healthcare decision making. The ethical issues in this case are to determine if this alternative treatment being administered by the patient’s daughter is causing him more harm. Another factor to consider is if it is speeding up his death. This patient’s condition is terminal and he has lived a very long life. Therefore, another ethical consideration would be to let the patient live out his days in a peaceful, comfortable manner. The primary goal in this case is for each side to weigh the pros and cons of this alternative treatment and come to a consensus that is in the best interest of the patient. In the case of this particular ethical dilemma, there are four different principles to consider. Due to the fact that this patient is confused and disoriented, it doesn’t appear that he is making treatment choices on his own. Therefore the ethical concept of autonomy is important to address. Autonomy involves recognizing a patient’s right to make his or her own...

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