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← Create time for your writing
▪ Don't make your first draft your final draft – make time for a good number of revisions ← Write with a fresh mind
← Find a regular place to write
← Set goals, and achieve them
← Use a word processor
← Generate a plan for the report, and follow it
▪ This includes the layout and structure your report will take ← Finish each writing session on a high point
← Get friends to read and comment on your work
← Check the marking scheme/guidelines set out for first year essays

Suggested Structure
← Introduction
▪ Short, 200-300 words to set out what you are going to do ← Literature review
▪ Note, this is NOT a literary review, but a literature review ▪ Everyone struggles on this point
▪ This is the area on which most of these essays tend to fall down – look at this part carefully ← Discussion
▪ This will be guided by what you have discussed in the literature review ← Conclusions
▪ Summing up the main conclusions of the discussion ← References
▪ Another area in which the essay can fall down – references must be done properly, and done well! ▪ Queens is particularly picky about references being done correctly ▪ If you come across a quote or reference you wish to use in your research, note the reference at the time to save you searching for the page numbers etc. later

Approaching the essay
← Quick note: An essay is NOT a long string of quotes! ← Definitions
← Main authors
▪ Find who they are, and mention them a little
← Differences between perspectives
← Processes within which it is useful
← Examples which illustrate the above

Managing your group
← Be very careful about managing your group – it is a prime source of disagreement and conflict ← All groups need to meet regularly at convenient...
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