Entrepreneur Profile Assignment

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Remi Braithwaite

Entrepreneur Profile Assignment: Kathryn Parsons - Decoded

The business is called Decoded a Silicon Roundabout tech company, and it was set up in January 2011 but the workshops started in August that year. Decoded launched its first session of Code in A Day with two teachers and ten students. It has now taught more than 2,500 executives from companies such as Unilever, WPP, Microsoft and Google, the CEOs of over 450 FTSE 100 companies to creative, strategists, investors and start-ups across a broad range of industries how to code and launch an app, and visualise data. Kathryn, 31, came up with the idea for Decoded when she struggled to hire developers for her previous creative agency, The Scarlett Mark. It has the aim of taking people from zero skills and knowledge through to coding a multi-platform app using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, in a day. The computer programming workshop they provide seeks to provide an essential introduction to the world of programming. Attendees are supposed to leave with a clear understanding of how products are built for the web. The company doesn’t really have any competitors because there are not any other businesses that provide the same service that decoded do., which surprisingly most people don’t know how to do.

After meeting creative adman Steve Henry, who became her co-founder, she realised she wasn't alone. She also founded the company with Richard Peters and Ali Blackwell. Parsons stands out in the tech world as she is a young woman and the other founders are all men, she definitely wants to change how women are thought of, plus many women wouldn’t even want to do her sort of job. The company was self-funded by her and the three co-founders and the biggest challenge for them was having the confidence to spend their time and money on a business that was untested, the risk paid off as it exceeded all of their expectations. Kathryn already had one successful business under her belt before she set up...
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