English language Past paper

Topics: Rat, Mouse, Rodent Pages: 4 (1391 words) Published: October 19, 2014
Horror Plague Overwhelms Village

The Duvall family is this morning leaving the small village of Malsam, after a terrible experience.

During the past two weeks, an infestation of mice has occurred throughout the village of Malsam, where the Duvall family had recently moved in.

Various neighbours of the Duvall family began to be suspicious as they heard unusual noises coming from their home. On Monday 13th Gabriel and Luca, the Duvall children, arrived at school with a shoebox containing a large, dirty mother mouse and her six babies. This triggered a lot of talking and, on the same day, curious neighbours knocked at the Duvall house for an ‘inspection’. The nightmare became reality when an army of light grey mice suddenly rushed out of the house and occupied the whole of Malsam.

The effects of this infestation have had horrendous repercussions on the villagers. Rapidly, the population of this unlucky village HAS claimed to be feeling bad, nauseous, dizzy and a wide variety of illnesses have been diagnosed since. Furthermore, the village has been submerged by a noxious, putrid smell for now two weeks and villagers barely go out of their homes. Schools and businesses have been closed for an unknown period of time and doctors at the medical research centre are working day and night in order to find out a solution to eradicate these contaminated, dirty creatures. The mood amongst the villagers is one of panic and agitation as they are concerned that another plague might resurface in a village, where not so long ago this dreadful disease had taken three quarters of the population.

The attitudes of the villagers towards the Duvall family has been extremely pessimistic, they have been highly criticised and humiliated, as the blame has been put entirely on them. Merchants and shops have stopped selling to them and they have been banned from most public places. Also, villagers have been throwing out the cautiously crafted furniture that Henri, the...
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