Topics: Sentence, Clause, Grammatical conjunction Pages: 12 (1879 words) Published: October 23, 2013
Chapter 6: Nadell, Judith, John Langan
and Eliza A. Comodromos. The
Longman Reader (10th Edition). New
York: Pearson Education Inc. 2012.

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Division-Classification Defined
What would your life be without any order?

 Division-Classification is a logical way of thinking that allows us to make sense of a complex world. Although they are separate
processes, the two are used together as complementary techniques.  Division involves taking a single unit or concept, breaking the unit down into parts, and then analyzing the connections among the parts and between the parts and the whole. (Hospital – pediatric wing, cardiac wing, maternity wing)

 Classification brings two or more related items together and categorizes them according to type or kind. (Produce – lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers)

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How Division-Classification Fits Your
Purpose & Audience
 Division can be a helpful strategy during the prewriting stage for analyzing broad and complex subjects.
 Classification can be useful for imposing ideas generated during prewriting. You examine the material to determine which ideas are alike then you cluster relate them in the same category.
 Division-Classification can be crucial for school assignments that involve kinds, components, parts and types.
 Sometimes division-classification may be the dominant technique; other times, it will be used as a supplemental pattern in an essay.


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Suggestions For Using DivisionClassification In An Essay
 Select a principle of division-classification consistent with your purpose – most subjects can be divided or
classified according to a number of different principles
or a single principle.
 Apply the principle of division-classification logically – demonstrate that your analysis is the result of careful
thought, your division-classification should be as
complete as possible and your analysis should includewithin reason-all the parts into which you can divide your subject, or all the types into which you can
categorize your subjects.

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Suggestions For Using DivisionClassification In An Essay Cont’d  Prepare an effective thesis – if your essay uses division-classification as the dominant method of development, it might be helpful to prepare a thesis that does more than signal the paper’s subject and suggest your attitude toward that general subject. You might also want the thesis to state the principle of divisionclassification at the heart of the essay. Furthermore, you might want the thesis to reveal which part or category you regard as most important. Look at these two examples:

 As the observant beachcomber moves from the tidal area to the upper beach to the sandy dunes, rich variations in marine life become apparent. (Here, the writer will classify forms of marine life according to location.)  Although most people focus on the dangers associated with the disposal of toxic waste in the land and ocean, the incineration of toxic matter may pose an even more serious threat to human life. (Here, the essay will divide the issue of toxic waste by methods of disposal.)


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Suggestions For Using DivisionClassification In An Essay Cont’d Follow these 5 tips to help you to write a division-classification essay:

 Organize the paper logically – whether your paper is developed wholly or in part by division-classification, it should have a logical structure. As much as possible, try to discuss comparable points in each section of the paper.

 State any conclusions or recommendations in the paper’s final section – the analytic thinking that occurs during divisionclassification often leads to surprising insights, which may be introduced early...
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